: Paradise 8 - 1825 free spins

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5 free spins per day
for one year
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5 free daily laps for 1 year on rival machines

For any deposit of a minimum amount of 25 $ between 12:00 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. HNE, players will be able to receive 5 free spins every day for a year. Or 5 laps x 365 days = or 1825 free spins!

With a maximum collection of $ 50, the potential gains in this offer have $ 1,8,250. Not bad!

free spins cannot be accumulated or refer to the next day.

Another condition that must be taken into account: the maximum set -up per turn is $ 5 and any higher bet on this amount will cancel the bonus as well as its earnings. In addition, free spins are only valid on the native slot machines powered by rival.

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