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Welcome Bonus

Above all, a first deposit of $ 10 will earn you 200 free spins on the Yggdrasil slot, Hyper Burst. Not bad, for a start?

To please all players, the tortuga offers to choose between 2 welcome bonuses:

"Party hunt for the aspirant": 120% up to $ 1,200. An offer that will appeal to prudent players and small misers since $ 10 will be sufficient to unlock this bonus.

"The officer's hunting of the officer": for this bonus it will be necessary to deposit at least $ 300, in order to receive $ 400. No fixed percentage, but these same 500 $ offered for any deposit of more than 250 $ - so even if you deposit 1000 $, you will receive 400 $ and no more. Tortuga knows its limits, but suddenly you become a VIP member.

Maximum 5 $ per turn and 0.5 $ per line of bet.

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