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A great welcome bonus for new players! So 150% bonus on deposit up to 600 $ - with a minimum bet of $ 20 and a withdrawal of the gains which is not subject to any condition, except that they must be greater than the amount of the Bonus. Finally you will also have to take advantage of it within 14 days, otherwise the bonus expires!

Minimum deposit $ 20, and maximum $ 200 to take advantage of this bonus.

For a deposit of 20 $ for example, you will have 50 $ in all. For a 200 $ deposit, 300 $ will be added to it, a total of $ 500.

Finally, it should be noted that the maximum bet with a bonus is $ 5 per turn and 0.5 $ per bet.

But the scoop is that there is no condition for removing the gains: it is when you want, as you want, at any time, at simple request withdrawals are validated in 24 hours! Ah it feels good !!!!

And all that is exclusively for our users - because others are only up to $ 300!

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