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The brilliant Thursday tournament

The burning Thursday tournament concerns slot machines. The player must pay 50 euros in entry fees. One point is won for a euro bet on the slot machine chosen by the player. By betting one euro on the two slots selected by the Paris VIP team, the player wins two points.

The first wins 1,000 euros, the second 350 euros and the third 150 euros. From the fourth to 10th, it's 50 euros per player and 1a 11th place in the 25th, it's 25 euros to win.

Tournament gains are not considered bonus gains. They can be removed without bonus condition.

The Sunday tournament

It is still a slot machine tournament with the following prices:

First price of 2,500 euros
Second price of 750 euros
Third price of 300 euros
From 4th to 10th place 100 euros
From 11th to 25th place 50 euros

The entry fee is 50 euros. One point is offered for a euro played on a slot to the player's choice and two points are won by Euro played on the onlibe slot selected by the casinotier.
The Paris VIP bonus for the Sunday storm tournament is credited with real money and can be removed without condition.

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