: Ventura - les points COMP

Average User Rating:
10% on
each bet
5% live casino
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The Ventura casino offers exchangeable points for cash. These are the "comp" points.
The points are automatically assigned in the player's profile.
As soon as the player makes a bet, he will win x points depending on the value of the bet and the game conversion rate on which he plays:

  • Video slot machines: 10% ("double or play" function counts for 0%)
  • Lassical slot machines: 10% (Jackpot 6000 account for 5%)
  • Simple games: 10%
  • Jackpot games: 10%
  • Table games: 1%
  • Video poker: 5% (double or cheek function has 0%)
  • Simple games: 10%
  • Live casino games: 5%

Cash can withdraw unconditionally, it is not subject to a condition of bet.

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