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In the world of online games, you have to know how to take advantage of all occasions to scratch bonuses. One of the simplest to obtain after Welcome Bonus, this is the sponsorship bonus. Online games sites and especially sports betting bookmakers use many tools to attract new players. The principle of the sponsorship bonus is simple to obtain if you follow the process.

How does a sponsorship bonus work?

This bonus is allocated to players already members of the casino on which they play in real money. They can then become pain other players, making them know and try the casino. The godfather will benefit a future customer from a bonus. He will therefore become his godfather and will also be rewarded with a bonus. The godfather is often better rewarded to encourage him. The godchild can also become a sponsor in turn and receive other bonuses, or even Bonus without deposit.

The goal is to make word of mouth and use players so that they recruit others. It is much cheaper than a global advertising campaign whose benefits are never clear. This bonus is often forgotten by players. On the one hand because it is not necessarily highlighted by all other bonuses and promotions and on the other hand because it asks to find a godson. Yet these bonuses are offered by most online casinos, and if not, they can be claimed from customer service and negotiate its value ...

Choose your sponsorship bonus from the best offers!

Best sponsorship bonuses

Update - 9/2022

Embellished Sites tested compatible portable

Unibet offers a sponsorship link to send to all your friends: if they use it to register, not only will you see your account grow by 40 $, but they too will be entitled to a bonus match of 100% up to 60 $.

However, remember to check, because the information vary like this bonus which is sometimes reduced to $ 20 as it can go up to 150 $. It will depend on the period, but in any case, once your registration is completed, you will receive a sponsorship code to transmit.

It will be necessary to do all of this within 45 days.


Recommend the Crazy Fortune casino to your loved ones and receive a bonus in free towers! The newly registered friend will receive the same bonus. Note that whatever the bonus, you will mostly ask you to customer service so that you can unlock it.

How to find your godson?

Rest assured, no one asks for family ties. The first step is to rattle around you and go around the enthusiasts you know. You can also run in forums and on online sports sites. We are more often talking about Bookmakers Because these are the biggest providers of this type of bonus. Remember that you can combine the sponsorship bonuses. This is all the interest.

How to unlock this sponsorship bonus?

Do you have the godson and therefore you are a godfather? Now how to do it? The process depends on the site. So let's take a little tour to see the different variants.

Betclic Sports Paris: sponsorship bonus

Betclic offers a sponsorship bonus for all of its site. The bonus is devilishly interesting since it is accompanied by a challenge of sponsorship. For sponsorship, it's simple. $ 10 for the godfather and $ 110 instead of $ 100 in reimbursed Paris. The godchild must write the pseudo of the godfather in the "sponsorship" field of the Betclic registration form. And as a bonus, here is the name of a player who loves to sponsor: Arntolaf - Betclic offers a sponsorship challenge which offers $ 1,000 each month to the best sponsors ...

The sponsorship challenge:

It takes place every month with the entry condition to have at least three godchildren over the month. The first 10 share 1500 euros!

Bwin paris sportif b'friends

Bwin offers an original sponsorship bonus that brings you back many bonuses. The godfather must generate a link on his account Bwin And send him to his godson or up to five potential godchildren. Be cool, ask your friends anyway if they are interested before communicating their address. Knowing how to live obliges. Those who register must participate in a tournament and it is then that you will both be bonus credited.

The awards of the B'Friends program

  • Cash

  • bonus

  • Free of free

  • Tournament token

  • Points Boutique

USA-Paris: sponsorship bonus

With a bonus of 10 $ extremely easy to unlock, USA-Pari Do not complicate your life. You will find a link to send. The godchild must validate this link, deposit at least $ 100 and spend the $ 200 welcome bonuses. The godfather can invite an indefinite number of godson and thus combine the sponsorship bonuses. The godfather and the godson will be credited with $ 10 each.

This list is non-exhaustive, but you have an example of the different forms of sponsorship bonus that you can find in online playgrounds. It is true that casino and online poker rooms often prefer to offer loyalty programs, but no doubt about it - if you have a potential godson, ask customer service, no doubt that they will gladly improvise a bonus for you !

Unibet sponsorship bonus

sponsorship on Unibet is not systematic, it is offered just for a few weeks in the year. Pain and godson receipt then $ 10 each in free Paris; The godfather can do up to 5 sponsorships and therefore receive 50 $ ... remains just not to miss the promotion!

Find a godfather!

Finally a last advice - Play it upside down: if you are about to register on a new site that offers sponsorship bonuses, find yourself a godfather! In general, people are delighted with this role since it brings them an additional bonus - and very often, to the godson too.

If you have no one around you near or distant registered with the bookmaker of your choice, a small internet search (in the forums) will give you access to enchanted bettors to win a few euros in exchange for a sponsorship code!