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The loyalty bonus belongs to the category of exclusive bonuses and is presented in several forms of promotional offers. Especially as recharging bonuses, cashback, or some VIP bonuses, in contests, for your birthday, therefore exclusive, or in direct money payments. Whatever its form, the loyalty bonus comes down to the same concept: you have to be faithful to its casino - which does not prevent us from being faithful to several casinos.

Thanks to Online casinos bonus, loyalty programs are the favorite promotions of American -speaking players and can be real gold mines as well as all kinds of rewards for loyal players. Besides bonuses, free towers or even enjoying invitations to often privileged events, what are the various loyalty programs for American online casinos? Who are they offered? How to become a loyalty program? Let's discover everything there is to know about loyalty points.

Choose your loyalty bonus from the best offers!

Best loyalty bonuses

Update - 9/2022

Embellished Sites tested compatible portable

Do you feel in vein on Spicyspins? To replenish your boxes, it's simple - you just have to ask! No need for deposit - but you have to have players: 1000 points give you the right to $ 10! The maximum amount of withdrawal is $ 100 - beyond, the funds are deleted during the withdrawal.
You have to deposit at least 50 $ - but then you need a deposit or not?! It is not clear, as is the "special conditions" and "certain requirements of bet which the player will be informed by customer service when accepting the offer before any withdrawal can be made."
Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Paigow, Cardswar and Poker Three games are not eligible for the free spicypinspins bonus and do not enter the counting requirements. The offer can be canceled by the casino at any time . Nice!

The end of the story here is - inquire well before asking for this bonus!


The Ventura casino offers exchangeable points for cash. These are the "comp" points.
The points are automatically assigned in the player's profile.
As soon as the player makes a bet, he will win x points depending on the value of the bet and the game conversion rate on which he plays:

  • Video slot machines: 10% ("double or play" function counts for 0%)
  • Lassical slot machines: 10% (Jackpot 6000 account for 5%)
  • Simple games: 10%
  • Jackpot games: 10%
  • Table games: 1%
  • Video poker: 5% (double or cheek function has 0%)
  • Simple games: 10%
  • Live casino games: 5%

Cash can withdraw unconditionally, it is not subject to a condition of bet.


We will have understood, the Gaming Club is a complete casino where you can touch everything: table games and slot machines but also progressive jackpots, video poker and scratch cards! But the icing on the cake is its VIP program. What could be better than a capital of points to garner to, in the end, exchange them for credits and bonuses? Each game round, each real money setting naturally gives entitlement to loyalty points, let it be said!

Let us not forget that with the Gaming Club Casino, all the players go on an equal footing with 2,500 points offered to the creation of the customer account. Subsequently, everyone can stand out by raising more points than their neighbor, and thus move from bronze status to silver status. After the diamond status comes the rank of “private”, the ultimate to be entitled to all the advantages that this online legendary casino reserves us!

VALID FOR: Returning Players
Min.: 10$
  • It's about a Surprise offer sent by email, it can be of different types:
  • free towers
  • Bonus on deposit
  • Happy Hour
  • Cashback and many others ...
  • The wager is 40 x
  • Like any bonus, he has validity only 14 days
VALID FOR: Returning Players

Take advantage of 25 % out of 3 bonuses up to $ 750

  • Saturday between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m.
  • The wager is 40x before withdrawal as for all Lucky 8 games
  • The maximum bet amounts to 5 $
  • The bet can be worth 25 % of the effective balance
  • The validity of the offer is 14 days as it is customary on online casinos
  • You can't drop by Skrill and Neteller
VALID FOR: Returning Players
Min.: 20$

How to get loyalty points?

Loyalty bonuses are not always on the promotions page - they suddenly appear at the right time. The loyalty bonus rewards our time spent playing on the casino and the number of bets or deposits. Loyalty bonuses are therefore proportional to our game and our seniority on the casino. The more we play the more we receive loyalty bonuses - logical. These bonuses are generally expressed in points which can then be converted into real money. Their rate depends enormously on the casino. On average it is estimated that 10 points constitute one euro, so that if we have 500 loyalty points, we can benefit from 50 euros. Each casino also has its policy for the allocation of loyalty points. Some set up the counter from the first deposit, others limit them to certain tournaments or competitions. Others finally, can frame the loyalty points to the amounts of deposits, that is to say that one can earn any loyalty points by making deposits of a certain amount only, such as 100 or 200 euros, or higher amounts. Some casinos limit loyalty points to deposits of 50 euros minimum, this means that a player who will deposit twice 50 euros can store loyalty points, depending on the rate defined by the casino (to read in the terms and conditions of the casino , or specified during promotions) while a player who will deposit the same sum of 100 euros in four times instead of two, that is to say in 4 deposits of 25 euros, will not be able to benefit from it. This encourages larger sums all at once, which is generally advised because it always benefits our bonus account.

What to know about the loyalty programs of online casinos

In the world of online casinos, a Loyalty program Includes all the gifts, bonuses and promotions offered to players who have proven a certain loyalty to an operator. The latter can materialize by financial investments (deposits) or a certain volume of playing time. Thus, the more you play and the more you deposit in an online casino, the more you will have the chance to be in the loyalty program .

One might think that these different programs are therefore only offered to players that can regularly perform deposits, which most players cannot do. However, loyalty programs mainly reward the loyalty of a player. The latter translates into the seniority of her account for example, or in the frequency of her game and deposit sessions, even if these are just small sums. Thus, everyone can benefit from it, provided you are faithful to one or more operators.

Loyalty points exchange programs

It is simply the most used system to reward players easily and quickly. You should know that the various loyalty points exchange programs are widespread in American online casinos. The principle is simple: when you deposit and play, the total sum of your games generates loyalty points which can subsequently be exchanged for bonuses (which are often devoid of conditions of bet) or against various gifts.

Operation of loyalty points in online casinos

As a rule, playing platforms automatically record players compared to the loyalty program. Indeed, when the players register, they become automatically eligible for the loyalty program. In addition, you should know that players can receive additional points by playing on various games and depositing a specific amount in their account. Also be aware that many sites have a structure at the loyalty program as well as bonuses.

Regarding operation, it all depends on the online casino. First, as a rule, in order to benefit from points, it is necessary to enter the VIP player category. Normally, a point is given to a player for each euro deposited. In any case, it is not the same thing from one platform to another. Thus, double or triple points can be offered for certain promotions, which will allow players to accumulate more points faster. Casinos also offer players during their birthdays to celebrate this event but also on many other occasions.

How does that benefit players?

The loyalty program offers players the opportunity to benefit from various strengths when they play in a Online casino. The first highlight is that loyalty points can acquire VIP status to players; By allowing them to have access to a multitude of different bonuses and various advantages. In addition, know that players can also exchange their points and change them in cash, so that they can play. Thus, they can withdraw these directly from their account. In any case, we strongly advise players to familiarize themselves with the loyalty program of their casino. This gives them the opportunity to know how the point system works and to benefit from all the advantages offered.

Online casinos: loyalty program and VIP status

The players love to feel valued and loved by the sites on which they are registered and wish to quickly obtain VIP status. On online casinos, loyalty points are a system whose purpose is to determine in which VIP Group A player will be placed. Each level obviously has its strengths and advantages. The higher levels have, you certainly suspect it, many more advantages. Thus, a lot of players want to reach the highest level of the award program. Here are various strengths that VIP players get:

  • Reductions;
  • Bonus without deposit ;
  • Specific invitations to VIP events;
  • Multitude of gifts;
  • Drop in requirements in order to earn points;
  • Specific treatment;
  • And finally, a service intended for VIP customers.

Advantages of loyalty bonuses

The advantage of loyalty bonuses compared to bonuses linked to a particular deposit is generally in their withdrawal conditions, which are generally more flexible. This again depends a lot according to the Online casino selected. But most casinos allow you to remove the loyalty bonuses without condition, once they have been transformed into real money on the player's account. The only condition is therefore generally to reach a certain conversion threshold.

Loyalty bonuses are sometimes compared to VIP bonuses, and sometimes merge in the sense that loyalty is often rewarded by the delivery of VIP status. Also, in some casinos, only VIP players have loyalty bonuses that reward their loyalty to the casino. But as everyone knows, unlike marriage, we can be faithful to several online casinos. VIP players are precisely those who have reached a certain threshold of games, money and bets deposits and who are therefore entitled to preferential treatment on the part of the casino. Sometimes the loyalty bonuses and the VIP bonuses are distinct: the loyalty bonuses are then calculated in proportion to deposits and bets, they then constitute points strictly convertible into money; And the VIP bonuses are then additional bonuses, which also reward loyalty, but can express themselves in several ways, new bonuses, rewards in kind, personalized service or prices and stays offered. In short, being faithful to a casino is always profitable!