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VALID FOR: New players

May business start! With its 3 welcome bonuses, the Jackpot Casino puts the package! As soon as we arrived, we are put to the perfume without conditions and without minimum of bet. This new casino takes place in the red carpet in the rules of the art.

A first deposit valid on the entire casino quickly puts us in the bath: 100% up to a bet of $ 250. At the second sum registered, you can bet up to $ 500 on without deposit slot, or on table games, for a bonus match of 100%. And the third time is 100% up to $ 750, great art!

All bonuses are available in the form of casino tokens transferred to our account.

Withdrawals can be made within 72 hours and at no cost, from $ 150. However, the bonuses are not directly cashable, but the money earned with the tokens is retrifiable!

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VALID FOR: New players
bonus cashback
if you had to find the icing on the bonus cake, it would be the monaco bonus. known worldwide, it offers a multiplied chance of winning. monaco bonus system is by far the most spectacular option for casino lovers to play and win big! if you have not yet heard of monaco bonus system, monaco bonus is an exclusive jackpot casino system. By depositing 100 euros, 100 tokens are paid to our account. We start the richly part with the equivalent of 200. With this bonus, the withdrawal is clear: we only leave the tokens, the rest is in our pocket!