Classy Slots Bonus and bonus codes of 9/2022


Classy Slots welcome bonus

The Bienvenue Bonus by Classy Slots concerns the first three deposits of the player. On each deposit, the player benefits from 400% up to 800 euros.

It is therefore a potential bonus of 2400 euros accumulated available.

Classy Slots welcome bonus conditions:

A deposit of minimum 20 euros is required to unlock a bonus. The welcome bonus is automatically credited to the player's account. If the player does not want Classy Slots bonus, he must notify customer support before making his first deposit. Conversely, the player must not play before having received his welcome bonus, under penalty of losing it. To make a withdrawal, you have to play the bet 33 times.

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My bonus
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Le bonus Spin Boost de Classy Slots

Every day, Classy Slots offers its players to launch a slot machine full of bonuses.
This bonus machine under allows you to win the following awards - all spins are winners!

  • Deposit bonus
  • Free towers without putting
  • Cash money bonus

The conditions of the Bonus Spin Boost:

To trigger this slot, you need a minimum deposit of 20 euros during the day.
The bonus is only valid on the day of the bonus.
free spins without stakes, Tours cash ”are without conditions of bet. Automatic bet is the lowest planned on the slot. They are offered on slot machines: Book of Dead, Zen fruit.
free spins gains must be played 45 times to be withdrawn.
The cash bonus and the deposit bonus must be bet 33 times before being able to be withdrawn by the player.

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Classy Slots Market Bonus

It is the Classy Slots bonus market open all year round, 24/24.

The player will choose himself the bonus that suits his expectations, with a huge choice of possibilities - indicated in the following tables:

bonusMaximumcode bonusType BonusConditionsMinimal deposit
100%$ 100.00Market1During the depositX10 betting requirements$ 20.00
200%$ 200.00Market2During the depositX20 stake requirements$ 20.00
300%$ 300.00Market3During the depositX30 stake requirements$ 20.00
400%$ 400.00MarketingDuring the depositX40 stake requirements$ 30.00
500%$ 500.00Market5During the depositX30 stake requirements$ 40.00

free towerscode bonusType BonusConditionsMinimal deposit
50 free spinsMarket11During the depositBetsoft Games$ 20.00
75 free spinsMarket12During the depositBetsoft Games$ 20.00
100 free spinsMarket13During the depositBetsoft Games$ 20.00
125 free spinsMarket14During the depositBetsoft Games$ 40.00
150 free spinsMarket15During the depositBetsoft Games$ 40.00
175 free spinsMarket16During the depositBetsoft Games$ 40.00
200 free spinsMarket17During the depositBetsoft Games$ 75.00
250 free spinsMarket18During the depositBetsoft Games$ 75.00
300 free spinsMarket19During the depositBetsoft Games$ 100.00
500 free spinsMarket20During the depositBetsoft Games$ 200.00

Free towers without puttingcode bonusType BonusConditionsMinimal deposit
50 laps without puttingMarket21During the depositBetsoft Games$ 20.00
75 laps without puttingMarket22During the depositBetsoft Games$ 30.00
100 laps without puttingMarket23During the depositBetsoft Games$ 40.00
125 laps without puttingMarket24During the depositBetsoft Games$ 50.00
150 laps without puttingMarket25During the depositBetsoft Games$ 75.00
200 laps without puttingMarket26During the depositBetsoft Games$ 100.00
250 laps without puttingMarketDuring the depositBetsoft Games$ 125.00
300 laps without puttingMarket28During the depositBetsoft Games$ 150.00
350 laps without puttingMarketingDuring the depositBetsoft Games$ 200.00
500 laps without puttingMarket30During the depositBetsoft Games$ 300.00

To have access to the bonus, you need a deposit of 20 euros during the day.
The bonus code must be written in the table.
The bonus must be played 33 times to be withdrawn.

The free towers without bets are without conditions. The bet offered is that of the lowest bet available on the slot machine.

free spins, free towers, must be played 45 times so that gains are likely to be removed by players.

You must customer service to withdraw free spins without bet.

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My bonus
Code: Market 1 to 30
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This bonus is intended for night owls that would make deposits between 00:00 and 8:00:
100% up to $ 500.

It is available as many times as the player wishes between midnight and eight in the morning.
You have to make a minimum deposit of 20 euros to unlock it.
Bonus gains must be replayed 33 times so that the player can remove them.

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