Brazil prognosis - Belgium quarter -final of the 2018 World Cup

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Brazil prognosis - Belgium quarter -final of the 2018 World Cup

Could it be a final before the hour? The part of the table is generous since the winner of this match will face USA or the Celeste. First of all, the Selecao will have to take out the Red Devils and vice versa. No bias. This 2018 World Cup made us eat our hat with the favorites out too early, at least earlier than expected, but it looks like little by little the ball turns round again. Except that the difference in the tables means that there is one side where the favorites are there and the other there are only the outsiders with perhaps the Croatia team in favorite. On this side if, the final still seems far away with a shock from the quarter -finals between the two favorites who were more or far from the group matches and 8th finals. Brazil, the last living of the favorites, faces the most cited outsider before the 2018 World Cup. To talk about Brazil, we can speak of a rise in power. For Belgium, it was the purring engine that almost stalls against the Japanese. Thank these two teams for validating our bets on this match.

The Pari Simple 1n2:

  • Brazil 2.17 draw 3.50 Belgium 3.75

Logically Brazil is favorite and it is beyond the prestigious yellow and blue colors and the snoring names that make up this team. The Seleca is gaining momentum and since its match against USA we see it progressing collectively and individually. Belgium did not wait to rise in power since from the start of the hens, the Eden Haazrd teammates are there and their only absence against Japan almost was fatal. Brazil's victory is therefore relatively logical if you make the prognosis on a single bet. However, it may be a little to scratch to find more interesting and less risky bets.

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2018 World Cup: Zoom on Brazil

Brazil had demonstrated its solidity during the qualifications of South America and we expected the same demonstration in the group stage of the World Cup in Russia. The ignition was rather long even if we saw that the collective was there and that the players used to evolve together. Coutinho showed that he was and that his team could count on him when Neymar was in within. And if we saw it less in the last match, it may be because Neymar too is gaining momentum. The defense is solid and Thiago Silva even recovered the captain's armband who had lost it during the World Cup at home. Against Belgium Casemiro suspended will be replaced by Fernandinho. It is not a great novelty either since the Manchester City player regularly replaced Casemiro during the qualifications. Luis Filipe should still replace Marcelinho who is back from injury; A tenure seems a little hasty, but you never know. The Selecao wants to go to the end and if you have to walk on Belgium they will. Beware of Neymar and his perpetual simulations as much as to his immense talent ball on the foot. If he manages to combine collective and individual choice, he will be a major card of the meeting. Note also the rise in power, again, of William, slightly jostled by the press which made a very good match against Colombia. Everything is good on the side of Tite and nothing that is information for us.

2018 World Cup: Zoom on Belgium

Big fright for our Belgian friends who found themselves led 2-0 against incredible Japanese!

The duality of the comment can surprise you, but one may wonder whether to worry about this scenario or enhance the formidable reaction capacity of the Red Devils. Before this match, this world Cup It was not far from being a health walk with controlled matches and a first group place with three wins in three games. Currently, the infirmary is empty and the Belgian coach will be able to enjoy all his talents. This team is on impressive paper and can stand up to Brazil. If offensively, it impresses, in the middle, it is at all good and the solid defense with a world class guard. He misses the experience of major World Cup events even if most Belgian players are playing in the biggest clubs in Europe. Japan has nevertheless shown that this team could forget and be put to sleep. Not far from having passed near the correctional, the players said, according to them, took this as a good lesson taken in time. The same floating against Brazil and it is elimination.

Our Brazil prognosis - Belgium quarter -final of the 2018 World Cup

If Brazil is the favorite, we are not immune to an ultra -rapid Belgian counter. Clearly this meeting is a test match for both teams. If you Bet with us on football, you know that we must be wary of certainties, this World Cup has taught us again. A qualification of Brazil, but when? During regulation time, during extra time or penalty? The qualification of Brazil is 1.52. This is not expensive when you know the potential of the Red Devils.

Our secure prognosis

  • The two teams mark for a rating of 1.62 at Unibet Sports betting.

The two teams have so much potential that a 0-0 draw seems pure fantasy. Brazil has the best defense with Uruguay of this World Cup. Except that they have not yet encountered such an offensive striking power.

Our slightly less secure prognosis

  • The two teams score and more than 2.5 goals for a rating of 1.82 at Betclic Bookmaker.
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