Prognosis Uruguay - Portugal 8th final of the 2018 World Cup

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The Celeste against the Selecao ... There will be a show for this 8th finals of the 2018 World Cup or not. We can say that Uruguay and Selecao are alike with a game based on the counter, difficulties when you have to build, but players capable of fulgurances and undeniable heart qualities. This meeting can give us very good opportunities. It will be tight, the bookmakers will offer us interesting dimensions, even enticing. Not even worth going to the site to tell you. This match smells of powder. For us bettors, the game is worth the candle. I hope you have seen the matches because you will see that the results can hide another reality. If the World Cup is difficult, and especially this Russian version, for bettors, it is an excellent school to improve. We go out positive on our bankroll, but nothing famous for the moment. And yes, we did not read the sinking of the Mannschaft, the Brazil diesel and especially the little ones who decided to eat big. Despite all that, we are doing pretty well. This 8th finals of the 2018 World Cup, leaves us rather optimistic since we know the level of the teams and even if there will be other surprises, game facts and everything that pollutes our stories, we have a better readability. So let's take advantage of it!

Simple Paris 1N2 on Betclic Sports Paris

  • Uruguay 2,75 Nul 3,00 Portugal 3,00

It is quite rare to be noted because you have an equal side between draws and Portugal. And Uruguay is slightly favorite, but not that much. Obviously, the draw seems relentlessly logic when we saw these two teams play. 8th certainties; finals are worth gold with ratings at minimum at 2.75. They could therefore find the simple bet in our prognosis. Above all, let's discover our little zoom on the two opponents who will compete in the suburbs of Sochi to Adler at the Ficht stadium.

Zoom on Uruguay:

Released at the top of his group, which allows us to win our bet on group A of the 2018 World Cup, Uruguay is equal to itself. Solid behind, courageous in the middle and brilliant in front. The Celeste did a faultless and do not speak of an easy group because we have seen that the easy groups were not. In addition to that, Oscar Tabarez's men seem to be gaining momentum. The attack duo is more and more and the pair Cavani - Suarez is looking for more and more and Russia, reworked, do not forget, paid the price. Little in vain against the little ones, Uruguay will be able to enjoy a less defensive team which will have offensive inspirations. The recovery capacity of the Celeste with its all -terrain pressing and sometimes even limit could make the difference and switch the meeting on the side of the Celeste. But in front of him, we have the 2016 European Champions ....

Zoom on Portugal:

The Seleçao remakes us the same as at the Euro .... they gain against all over everything and it would be believed that they are carried by higher forces. We could even bet on them because they seem to be written that they have to win. On their three games, 2 draws, a victory, everything is played on a thread. Even against Iran, it took a hair so that they lose and get eliminated. Against Morocco they impose themselves against the course of the game. If we forget the results of the matches, the way really seems approximate. Portugal seems to be a tightrope walker with a balance that is due to flashes allowing it to stay on the wire. Ronaldo against Spain or Quaresma and his wonder against Iran, the Greens and Reds have players capable of making the difference alone. For Portugal, Uruguay seems to be a complex draw because the Celeste does not take the game on its own and can as well play defensive, manage in the middle and hurt a lot. Portugal will have to create spaces and the Selecao prefers to take advantage of it.

Our forecasts and advice on Uruguay - Portugal 8th finals 2018 World Cup:

Here are some ideas from Paris and the best odds for this meeting.

Our secure bet: Result at half-time without zero: Uruguay for a rating of 1.65 on Bwin Bookmaker

If there is no one Paris at halftime will be reimbursed.

In the logic of our analysis, we hesitate between the draw and the victory of Uruguay. This bet allows you to play on the result at halftime while dismissing the danger of the draw. And clearly between the two teams, we see Uruguay winning.

Compensary Paris: Bet on the draw for a rating of 3.00 on Unibet Sports betting

We should attend a rather closed match or the opportunities will be rare. The adversaries of this 8th finals know how to be careful and patient. The draw at the end of the game seems a logical option ... Will this match be logical? See you on Saturday!

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