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For these 8th, it is perhaps the two games where a certain uncertainty hovers. USA and Sweden play more or less the same football with perhaps more creativity in the Nati. In the other meeting England and Colombia could allow a doubt to hover if we go beyond the workforce where Three Lions have a slight advantage. These teams have had more or less eventful courses, but overall they have mastered the opponents. We cannot say that seeing them at this level is a surprise and the motivation must be at its height since the two winners will find themselves in the quarter-final of the 2018 World Cup and perhaps therefore offer a surprise team world of football in the half-final. This open table will undoubtedly bring an additional source of motivation. These four teams are pretty close-perhaps England with a tone above, but which can suffer from its youth and lack of experience.

So let's look for the best possibilities to make our Bankroll World Cup grow 2018.

Sweden prognosis - USA 8th final World Cup 2018

The Pari Simple 1n2:

  • Sweden 3.15 draw 3.00 American 2.70

For bookmakers, this is a slight advantage for USA. The Nati made a big games against Brazil was able to win against Serbia before obtaining the point of the draw against the Costa Rica. Solid in defense with a goalkeeper, Yann Sommer elected official of the group phase, excuse a little, an unrecognizable Xherdan Shaqiri for those who could see it with Stoke City and you have a solid and effective team. The problem of USA is that we do not take them seriously the 6th in the FIFA ranking. If this classification is a bit strange, it is still a regularity. The suéde is a tough opponent who knew how to doubt the mannschatt. Yes, the team has come out in the pool, but it's still a serious customer. For the rest the Swedes put a 3-0 in Mexico to delight him first place.

You could say that it is a shock because these two teams will compete with similar weapons. In my opinion, USA has a slight advantage with Shaqiri's creativity. Beware of our certainties, this World Cup has just lost three world champions and two favorites: USA and Spain. It seems that football lives a reactionary and conservative era in the game. After the enchantment of the Grand Barca, we saw the emergence of the tales and Simeone who created a system to prevent Barca and its emulators from crushing everything. Today, it may be the advent of this football, pragmatism and efficiency.

Our Sweden Prognosis - USA 8th finals 2018 World Cup:

  • Bet on the qualification of USA for a rating of 1.75

Our Colombia prognosis - England 8th finals 2018 World Cup:

The Pari Simple 1n2

  • Colombia 4.10 draw 3.25 England 2.10

Come on, are we going to try it or not? James Rodriguez is back if we believe the Colombian football federation which indicates a minor injury. These are the kinds of players whose absence can change the scenario of a match. I find it difficult to understand why England is also favorite and Colombia is also poorly rated.

I found the sluggish three lions against Tunisia, walking against Panama and sad against a bis team from Belgium with a well -rema teamdenied. Colombia has made a good journey despite a severe defeat and 10 against Japan, its performance against Poland was stunning. The English are more laborious, they lack this little touch of madness as if they were taken by the event as too serious schoolchildren to think outside the box. This team is young and the talent is there. Colombia has the beating heart of men from Latin America with this madness that is able to create James Rodriguez. So you are going to tell me that this 2018 World Cup assassinates the game, that the defense takes precedence over the offensive and that it is so or that it is like that and therefore that England is more in the era of time ... not on because Colombia also knows how to do it. So we can play it secure With the coast of Colombia by betting on the two results.

To have seen the two teams play, I have the feeling that Colombia plays with less pressure than the Three Lions. If I could be sure that the English were going to let go, maybe I would see the match differently. At the moment, I can see Colombia pass ....

Our Sweden Prognosis - USA 8th finals 2018 World Cup:

  • Secure Paris; Colombia or zero for a rating of 1.75 on Bwin Sports Paris.

You bet on two possible results on three for a nice rating in the final ....

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