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2018 World Cup, quarter -final

Let's be honest! These last two quarter -finals are not dreaming. We can find ways to be interested, affinities with this or that nation, but we do not expect offensive football and even less champagne. This 2018 World Cup was the altar where the beautiful game was sacrificed in favor of the cardinal values ​​of sport that we can forget when we look at club football or the concentration of stars transforms sport into a vulgar spectacle where The richest wins or it is enough to look at the Buisness Plan to make the forecasts on the titles. This 2018 World Cup highlighted the little ones and the without grades and they focused in this part of the table. Croatia is for the general public a small team and England an uncertain outsider that qualifies on penalties. Russia, we can say it totally mystified us from there to be almost ashamed of having been able to write that it would not pass the hens. Almost because Russia was invisible in friendly matches and here it is in a quarter to perhaps create a new surprise.

Russian prognosis - Croatia quarter -final of the 2018 World Cup

The Pari Simple 1n2:

  • Russia 4.00 draw 3.10 Croatia 2.25

Croatia is therefore the favorite of this 2018 World Cup quarter -final. However, we have learned to be wary of Russia which has never stopped upsetting our forecasts. By leaving Spain, Russia has launched a kick in the certainties of this 2018 World Cup. The Russian qualities? Fighting, the collective, the public and the certainty that nothing is prohibited from them. At the level of the game, we have not seen better. We are not in art, but in basic and simplicity. Igor Akinfeev, guardian of the Russian selection, was monstrous against Spain well helped by a defense which would have deserved a metaphor on the battle of Stalingrad if it was not just football. Waterproof, rough, patient and in its weak moments the defense could count the faithful sentry was there before shining during the penalty shootout. Russia can also completely explode as in its match against the lost Celeste 3-0. The face of Russia will depend on Croatia. And Croatia has disappointed us. Not on our forecasts which was correct, but rather on the way. Totally locked up by the Danes, we found a team without imagination, without creativity that could even have sank. There is the missed penalty, but Croatia fails to move the Danes, it will have trouble against the Russians who are even more defensive and aggressive. It's amazing because she had managed to drop the Icelandic wall. The Croatian team is complete. Necessarily impressive. This meeting is illegible. There is the external factor of the home team carried by a people for whom patriotism is erected in fundamental value when it does not derive in the darkest of nationalisms. We can therefore expect an overwhelmed team. Russia has shown that it could hold a match without seeing the ball.

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Our Russian prognosis - Croatia quarter -final of the 2018 World Cup

Secure bet:

  • Qualification of Croatia For 1.52 netbet sports betting

This meeting can just as well end during the regulation time as at the penalty shootout. We bet on talent more than on fighting spirit.

Risky, very risky Paris:

  • No goal of scored for a dimension of 6.00 Chez Betclic Bookmaker

The stake of the match should be overwhelming, without the risk taking being maximum. The bet is risky, but with a small bet you can win big. the 0-0 only counts for regulation time. The difference will be rather in extra time.

Sweden prognosis - England quarter -final World Cup 2018

The Pari Simple 1n2:

  • Sweden 4.80 zero 3.40 England 1.95

England is favorite and for a quarter -final even goes below 2 ... However, this team is far from offering so many certainties. If his qualification against Colombia is far from stolen and say it deserved, it took the shots to the goal for the Three Lions. In the other match, Sweden thwarted the forecasts by playing in the ball to get the nati out. What seems simple at first glance is quite complex when we analyze the two previous games of these teams. The English are formidable on the set kicks. Sweden is solid in defense, but we discovered it capable of creating games. The workforce is almost complete with uncertain Vardy and Lustig Suspended Swedish side. The player to follow Swedish Coast is Emil Forsberg, the player to play, the metronome of this team who manages to play a team made to defend.

Our Sweden prognosis - England quarter -final World Cup 2018:

The rating of 1.95 for the Three Lions is appetizing, but it smells like this match and the fight may well give birth on a zero score.

  • Bet on the number of 0-1 goals for a rating of 2.25 at Betclic
  • Bet on the draw for a rating of 3.40 at Netbet Sport
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