League 1 2018-2019 League Prognosis - Day 3

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After a second fruitful day since we made 57.2 euros in profit, a king of 57 %, we will therefore try to continue on this magnificent launch. Our most beautiful rating, we owe it to the draw of Monaco and Lille, 4 and dust. All because Falcao missed his penalty. This day showed that our theoretical advice had a reality in fact. Simple Paris is not an easy option. Two failures are due to two simple bets including in particular Lyon. On the other hand with other bets, in particular the goals differences, we were refueling. We start with this 3rd day with confidence, but with a rule: the little ones will still stand out, Bordeaux is in the middle of the storm, the two Olympics will already have to straighten the bar and what we already know in view of the budgets, PSG can play badly, it will win 99% of its matches. Come on the loulous, let's go, the challenge is to do as well as the last day.

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Prognosis Lyon-Strasbourg 3 nd day of L1 2018-2019

  • Lyon 1.30 - 5.25 8.25 Strasbourg

Again, the ratings push us to move away from the simple bet. The Lyon Favorite with a 1.30 rating is not a good option. Already because the rating is too weak and the certainty of victory against a Strasbourg which begins this Ligue 1 2018-2019 deserves a more generous rating. With Lyon we are waiting. On paper, there are no photos. What does this match inspire in us? First factor is that the match is at home. VSHez Lyon is not used to letting go. Second info. Lyon has just lost a match. Third info: Strasbourg does not let go, but far from home, the Alsatians will have a lot to do. It is a particularly simple match to prevail at first and then the current situation as well as the period can let doubt settle. For us, no simple bet on this match. By sweeping bets and ratings, there is nothing really interesting and plausible. The emergency bet, it still remains "the total number of purposes". At home Lyon put two goals against Angers, Strasbourg plays the counters well.

Our prognosis in Lyon - Strasbourg : Bet on 2-3 goals for a rating of 2.00 at Betclic

PSG Angers prognosis 3rd day of Ligue1 2018-2019

  • Paris 1.07 10.50 27 Angers

The ratings reflect the difference in level between a team plays the maintenance and one that has the budget for the last square in the 2018-2019 Champions League. Again, you have to dig to find a good side. Control Guingamp we saw that PSG could suffer, but in the end, victory is there with a team that was far from complete. Today, it seems that Cavani will be back. Little by little PSG stars will replace the young young people whose merit can be hired. At home, PSG is untouchable. We can therefore wonder if Angers can score a goal. Conte Caen and Guingamp, we only saw the defense was brittle and that Buffon had to work. As for the moment, we don't have the scorers, we're going to play it risky, so put with care.

Our PSG - Angers prognosis: The two teams mark for a rating of 2.10 at Unibet.

Prognosis Montpellier Saint-Étienne 3rd day of Ligue1 2018-2019

  • Montpellier 2.40 - 3.00 - 3.10 Saint -étienne

The ratings of the simple bet are tempting. This is because this match is undecided. Residents lost at home against Dijon for the opening match. The Greens did the opposite and got a good draw in Strasbourg. Here we are, well. In any case, I can tell you that the rating of 2.40 for the Héraultais looks like a lighthouse in the night for the little butterflies that we are. So we're going to play it small arm for the moment because we lack visibility, this is only the 3rd day.

Prognosis Montpellier-Saint-Étienne : bet on zero at halftime for a rating of 1.78 on Betclic

Prognosis Nantes Caen 3rd Ligue Day1 2018-2019

  • Nantes 1,95 - 3.20 - 4.25 Caen

With 0 points in two games, the Canaries must wake up to avoid falling into a crisis of confidence. Caen is hardly better, but his point took against Nice was encouraging. Even a loser against PSG, Caen was able to show beautiful things. This rating is therefore amazing. You see what I mean ? Fabien Mercatal seems to have a speech in coherence with modern football and its workforce. Nantes lost, which can happen, but the shortcomings in the game were really important and the score could have been much heavier. The question is whether Nantes will wake up. We can therefore imagine a draw with goals. Being more sure than there are goals, in view of the defenses, we will play this:

Nantes prognosis - Caen: Bet on the two teams mark for a rating of 1.95 on Betclic

Prognosis Amiens- Reims 3rd day of Ligue 1 2018-2019

  • Amiens 2.70 - 3.00 - 2.75 Reims

Amiens did not win a match when Reims has just dropped Olympique Lyonnais and finds himself on the podium with six points in two games. The promoted is in great shape and his return to Ligue 1 is shattering. And if we look at the Reipois's opponents, we realize that Nice and Lyon play the game. Against Amiens, we should see a less open match where the two teams will first neutralize.

Amiens prognosis - Reims: Bet on a draw for a rating of 3.00 on Betclic

Continuation of our forecasts for the prognosis 3rd day of Ligue 1 2018-2019

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