Prognosis Ligue 1 2018-2019 Day 2 (Part 1)

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The first day of Ligue 1 launched hostilities and folded statistics. We were totally in what we describe in our Ligue 1 advice With the difficulty of betting on the first days of the championship and especially to be wary of the stats. We can conclude little. We only saw the big ones were there, that the new ones did not come to do figuration. This first day can give indications, perhaps a meaning to our forecasts, but no reliable truth. We will say try to offer you a type of bet per game. Obviously, don't do them all of course that you agree with us. Our goal is to show you how we can find interesting bets With ratings above 1.50, but not to provide you with a combined betting grid!

Let's go for the predictions of the 2nd day of L1 2018-2019. (Following The article on the 2nd day here!)

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Reims Lyon prognosis - Day 2 of L1 2018-2019

  • Reims 4.60 3.90 1.68 Lyon

With a promoted who took the 3 points for the opening and the Gones who left us a bitter taste after a wide victory, but not as controlled as the score lets him appear. The opportunity for us to repeat you again Watch analyzes on the score. Lyon has generally controlled his subject, but we can mention periods of floats, a bit like the last season when the Rhodanians sure of them left the matches they dominated. Against Amiens, the net superiority of the men of Genesio does not emphasize this recurrence. Against Reims outside, Lyon's victory should not be overwhelming, but it should be. The rating of 1.68 allows a bet relatively on not too badly paid. So we start slowly.

Our prognosis: Lyon victory for a 1.68 rating on Betclic

Prognosis Guingamps PSG 2nd day of L1 2018-2019

  • Guingamp 10,50 -6,00 - 1,24 Paris SG

Everything complicates. PSG is a difficult team to beat for the L1, but it is also a team that requires going to dig in bets to find a dimension at least honest. 1,24 outside, it's a joke. The Bretons come out of a defeat with the Greens and now the Parisian ogre comes to visit them. So, you could say that PSG will have to join its world champions and that Tuchel will put young young people on the bench, they who have integrated the American play philosophy. Against Caen the 3-0 victory is mainly due to the dumplings of the opposing goalkeeper, but the dumplings may also be the consequence of the pressure of the Parisian block. You can think that Paris will launch its World Cup stars little by little and that they will need playing time to regain their fullness. One can imagine that there are goals without turning to correction. The defense of Paris is a rock and Buffon has released beautiful strikes on the last two games. Paris will do the job, Guingamp is not one to lower his pants, especially with his coach.

Our prognosis on Guingamp-PSG : Bet on the number of goals: between 2-3 for a rating of 2.05 at Betclic.

Rennes Angers prognosis 2 nd day of L1 2018-2019

  • Rennes 1.82 3.30 4.50 Angers

Rennes is a challenge for us. This team is unpredictable and has just lost 3-1 against LOSC that was thought to be fragile. Angers, offered us a homeric match by succeeding in losing against Nimes 4-3 while the Angevins led to the scoring in numerical superiority. Either this match will shoot them, or it will act as a kick at the foundation. Rennes has already taken a media brassé by his coach. A rating of 1.82 at home for the Rennes awakening. I try.

Our prognosis on Rennes-Angers : Rennes victory for a rating of 1.82.

Prognosis Dijon Nantes 2 nd day of L1 2018-2019

  • Dijon 2.60 - 3.15 2.70 Nantes

This is the kind of rating that we like ... in the middle of the season. Because there, we really lack information and visibility to decide. Just like bookmakers. Nantes made a good match against Monaco sanctioned by a defeat. Dijon went to beat Montpellier outside. Here we are. What I see is that the two teams have marked. Not easy to find a big side without it having the perfume of the impossible. So let's follow our own advice on the first days, we play security.

Our prognosis on Dijon - Nantes: The two teams mark for a rating of 2 on Unibet.

Prognosis Amiens Montpellier 2 nd day of L1 2018-2019

  • Amiens 3.10 2.90 2.45 Montpellier

The matches on Saturday evening, the pleasure of the bettor is there and sometimes the ruin too and his older sister fortune. The 3 dimensions above 2.40. It's tempting, but it also shows the indecision of bookmakers on this match. Beaten 2-0 in Lyon, Amiens begins his championship against Montpellier who bowed to his home against Dijon. Favorite Montpellier with a big rating. It looks like a cuttime catch. The double chance is very poorly paid. We will play tightly based on the goals conceded by the two teams on the first day.

Our prognosis on Amiens - Montpellier: Between 2-3 goals for a rating of 1.85 on Unibet.

Monaco Lille prognosis 2 nd day of L1 2018-2019

Monaco 1.48 4.40 6.00 Lille

Monaco, let's say it right away, did not appeal to Nantes. By dint of selling its framework, the ASM weakens and puts its destiny in the hand of ever younger recruits. Lille went from Bielsa to Galtier. Monaco will therefore fall on a wall to Louis II. Wall that put three goals in Rennes. Monaco's victory seems to us on the side because it is far from certainty. Lille pleasantly surprised us, but this test match arrives far too early. So we are crazy. For this bet do not engage your bankroll too much.

Our prognosis : Draw for a side of 4.40 at Betclic;

Continuation of the article on day 2 forecasts ici!

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