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For this duel between South America and Central America, between Zappata and Lula, the earth should tremble. Passion tremor as insane as spontaneous. Mexico has dropped the mannschaft which collapsed thus perpetuating the curse of the reigning world champion turning off in the hens of the World Cup. Mexico which after this feat showed signs of weakness as if David's clothes suited him better than those of Goliath.

Brazil will be goliath. As we told you before the start of this World Cup, Brazil is solid. The world was watching Neymar's foot, but in the shade Coutinho would prepare to become the natural leader of this team. It is said that talented rambling does not harm. There is no shortage of Selecao.

This duel could sparks with the Verde again David and Brazil in his usual role as Goliath. Without even looking at the dimensions, we can tell you in advance that the game will be tight with a wide favorite ... And this time, we will have to go in the direction of bookmakers and we will tell you why!

The other Monday meeting seems even more unequal. The Red Devils of Belgium dominated their group of the head and shoulders even offering themselves the SCALP of England with a reworked team. Japan has qualified thanks to the difference in yellow boxes with the Senegal team. The course of the two teams, the individual talents leave little room for a suspense which nevertheless makes us vibrate.

Ultra favorite Belgium will still force us to look for the right type of Paris if we cannot bet big to win crumbs.

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Brazil prognosis - Mexico, 8th finals of the 2018 World Cup

The Pari Simple 1n2

  • Brazil 1.51 draw 4.30 Mexico 8.00

Well here, I was wrong. Finally half. There is a wide favorite, but it exceeded 1.50. Personally, I don't see Brazil fail against Mexico. Unlike other favorites, the Selecao despite difficult matches was able to show that it had a collective and that the automatisms were there. Defensively, it holds the road and the guardian of the Roma holds the barrack well, even if I do not find it as exceptional as what the specialists have sold to us.

As much as we dropped big odds with simple bets on the last games, it is still risky to place 1.51 on an 8th finals of the World Cup where draw is always a possibility.

The scenario of the match seems quite clear. Brazil will put the entry pressure on the Mexican defense. We will have to expect very fast counters from the Verde. As a Brazilian journalist writes "the warm -up is over". This is really the feeling that this team from Brazil gives. By slowly starting against USA, in relative suffering against Costa Rica and reassuring against Serbia, Brazil really gives the impression of gaining momentum. Take Neymar who manages to be as unbearable as it is amazing, he combines opposites and seems to have decided to replay collective. And there, if we forget the actor, he was very good in the collective and in his individual choices. Coutinho is monstrous. Behind, Thiago Silva has again become the Sugar Loaf From the defense of the Auriverdes, the one who does not cry, even if we wait to see this defense in the face of opponents capable of jostling it.

Mexico can shake them up. If you regularly read our forecasts, I imagine that you see the type of Paris that we hunt? I wonder if the two teams can mark. Doubt comes from 3-0. On the other hand, we have seen flaws that Serbia could not exploit against Brazil.

We can also think that there will be goals. We can notice that even the matches we could think of closing for these 8ths were rich in goals. It seems unlikely that there is a 0-0 at the end of the match. We should see goals.

Our prognosis on Brazil Mexico

  • More than 2.5 goals for a rating of 1.75 at Bwin
  • The two teams mark for a rating of 1.95 at Betclic

Belgium prognosis - Japan, 8th finals of the 2018 World Cup

  • Belgium 1.42 draw 4.75 Japan 11

Belgium is perhaps the only expected team that has met expectations. No, this is not a lapalissade since most of the expected teams did not meet expectations.

This meeting is really unbalanced. The luck of Belgium is to advance in the shadows. The question is whether Belgium does not join the favorites by leaving its place as outsider to other nations. When one wonders, we can only say that Belgium will pass against a beautiful team from Japan.

Suffice to say that the dimensions are miserable. This means that to have ratings above 1.80; You have to go to the risk. Honestly, this kind of match is not ideal for finding a self-sufficient bet above 1.50. But for you, you will have to twist your brain.

Our prognosis for Belgium Japan

  • Victory of Belgium (regulation time) for a rating of 1.42 at Feelingbet
  • Belgium Brand + 2.5 goals for a rating of 2.45 at Betclic
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