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Betting on the Football World Cup

From June 14 to July 15, 2018, Russia will host the Football World Cup. For the occasion, sports betting should explode because fans of predictions on football matches should bet a lot of money. But what to bet to pocket the jackpot? Here are our tips ...

The World Cup, a trophy promised to regulars?

For a few days now, The main sports betting operators have unveiled their ratings concerning the future winner of the next World Cup. Without real surprise, Brazil, Spain, USA and USA are the favorite growing of bookmakers for the final victory in this competition.

It must be said that if the surprises in football are legion on "dry" meetings, it is quite different on a competition that lasts more than a month. It is enough to take a look at the history of the World Cup winners since its creation to realize it.

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Since 1930, only eight countries have managed to win this prestigious trophy: Brazil (5 times), USA (4 times), USA (4 times), Argentina (2 times), Uruguay (2 times), England, Spain and USA. Everything therefore suggests that the trophy should remain in the hands of one of these 8 countries, or rather seven of them, USA being absent from this World Cup after failing during the qualifying phases.

However, who says favorite of Bookmakers said also small rating and therefore a bet not necessarily interesting for those who want to bet only a few euros on the name of the winner. This is why we invite you to bet on a "possible" surprise during this sports competition. You will benefit from a rating that can allow you to multiply your bet by 10 or even 20 and therefore to consider a potentially interesting gain.

A surprise winner the 2018 World Cup?

Among the main outsiders for the final victory during this competition, two selections deserve the attention of the bettors.

First of all, betting on a final victory for Uruguay is not meaningless. Having inherited a rather favorable draw for the group stage (with Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in group A), the celestial should have no trouble joining the phase of direct elimination matches.

If Portugal and Spain could be on the road to the selection led by Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez from the round of 16, the table of Uruguay could be much more favorable.

Indeed, with a selection made up of experienced players playing in the biggest European clubs, the celestial seems to be able to beat anyone. What's more, Uruguayans are determined to get out of the wood when waiting for them. During the 2010 World Cup played in South Africa, Uruguay had reached the semi-finals to everyone's surprise but had failed against the Netherlands.

The other country to follow is undoubtedly Croatia. Although this little state of the Balkans has experienced many difficulties in qualifying for the grandmother of football, everything suggests that the checkered selection has sufficient weapons to shine during thetition.

However, nothing will be spared Luka Modric and his teammates since the latter inherited the "hen of death" in which they will challenge Argentina, Iceland but also Nigeria before perhaps find the USA team from the knockout stages. A complicated course therefore but the checkered selection wants to be forgiven for his elimination from the knockout stages of Euro 2016 by Portugal, future winner of the competition.

In addition, this is the last opportunity for a golden generation (Modric, Rakitic, Perisic, Mandzukic, Lovren etc ...) to join their elders from 1998 (third of the World Cup in USA) in the history of Croatian football and world football.

Now it's up to you to bet on the selection of your choice. But do not lose sight of that in sport, all logic exists only to be upset. From there, to bet on a final victory in Panama, there is still a step!

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