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Here we are ! The biggest international competition begins in 15 days! The 2018 Football World Cup should focus your attention as bettors for the coming month. This is the event not to be missed for all those who specialize in football and for hunters on the side. There have never been so many teams and therefore matches. It is a great opportunity to make your bankroll fat. But beware of all the traps that we describe to you in the sports betting part of the site and more specifically in the article bet on the World Cup

To optimize the dimensions, do not hesitate to open an account with several bookmakers, you enjoy special bonuses of the 2018 World Cup. Discover the best of them in our revues bookmakers ! Now let's make an inventory of the forces present for our forecasts and advice on the 2018 World Cup groups.

Think of the group favorites! The ratings are good and the bets are more secure in general. Quick overview

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Betting on group A of the 2018 World Cup

Uruguay, Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia.
Uruguay is the big favorite. The rating of 2.40 for a first place in the group. It's almost too beautiful. Egypt may be outsider, but Mohamed Salah's injury in the Champions League could at least handicap it for the first match. Uruguay is solid behind and in front with Cavani and Suarez, it's effective. Russia is the host country, but the level of this team is more than low? It would not be the first organizing country to have a little help to go to the eighth.

Our advice: Uruguay first in the group for a dimension of 2.40.

Betting on group B of the 2018 World Cup

Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Iran

In this group, the bet to do seems logical with Spain which, in addition to being a favorite for the final victory fell into a group largely at its height. If the 2016 European champion can generate them, the latest Portuguese performances are not flamboyant. Spain seems to have found the heights. And even if she's drawing a draw against Ronaldo's team, she will win the other two. Portugal will have trouble against teams that do not play the game.
The Spain's rating is 1.40 for 1st place.

Note Consulting: Spain 1st in group 1.45.

Bet on group C of the 2018 World Cup

USA, Denmark, Australia, Peru

It is the group of our little blues. Be careful, this is where the professional bettor forgets its colors to try to be objective. It is done ? USA is largely favorite of this group. Accustomed to playing against teams not playing the game, she knows how to be patient. Also let's not forget that everything is not rosy and the qualifying campaign has shown gaps. Denmark and Peru should play elbow. Even in the event of an accident with a draw against one of the big ones, the Blues should get out of it. Peru is underestimated, but it could be the surprise of this group.

Our advice: The qualification of Peru is listed at 3.25.
or and

USA 1st of the group: 1.22 (small rating to put itself in confidence?)

Betting on group D of the 2018 World Cup

Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria

Here is a very difficult group to define, despite snoring names. Argentina was to be the natural leader of this group with world class players and for a certain Messi, perhaps the best in the world. Unfortunately, this team has known the worst difficulties in qualifying and experienced internal problems. The coach is strongly criticized for his non -selection of Dibala. The atmosphere is not at the top. Croatia in talent with in particular Modric, but Iceland remains on a promising euro. Nigeria is an outsider not to neglect. Argentina is poorly rated and at the same time it is the natural favorite.

Our advice: Abuse yourself

Betting on the 2018 World Cup group

Brazil, USA, Costa Rica, Serbia

Brazil fell into an easy group, especially since it has demonstrated its form in its qualification group. One of the favorites for the final victory, the Selecao should finish at the top of this group. Except that the bookmakers know it with a rating of 1.20 for 1st place and 1.02 for the qualifier! Obviously, we forget the five -time world champion. USA seems to be the right side. She is in good shape, comes out of a difficult group where she was not ridiculous with a 2-0 victory at home against Portugal. Beware of Serbia, which ended up at the top of its qualification group in front of Ireland and the Wales. Costa Rica seems below its opponents.

Our advice: Bet on a qualification of USA for a dimension of 2.10

Betting on group F of the 2018 World Cup

USA, Sweden, Mexico, South Korea

USA should not encounter any problem in this group. Yet with a rating of 1.33 for first place, the bookmakers suggest that there would be a tiny doubt? Well if the rating is not great, this Paris seems secure. South Korea should not shine in a group with two quality outsiders. Mexico and Sweden that we know well. It could even be played at Goal Average. Mexico seems capable of having a more offensive game with a high and constant pressing. It will be our team qualified behind the Mannschaft.

Our advice: Bet on USA for first place for 1.33
and or
Mexico qualified for 2.15.

Betting on group G of the 2018 World Cup

Belgium, England, Tunisia, Panama

Suffice to say that Belgium and England will be flocking. Tunisia can hinder the two big ones, but this draw is complex for it. The Belgians have an incredible generation, but to make it a golden generation, it must shine in international competition. England returns 20 years of disappointment as if its match against Argentina in 1998 had sealed it over several generations. We put aside the dimensions of the qualifier unless you are a fan of Tunisia. Pragmatically, it's madness.
For the two favorites, it is a real doubt because Belgium can play on an impressive level and lose its football in the following minute. England has just played the biggest teams on the planet for zero matches and a victory against the Oranje ...
Here we are in front of a choice of pro bettor: play the rating or the team that seems to have the most quality? We never play the odds !!!!!

Our advice: Bet on the 1st place of Belgium for a rating of 1.70.

Betting on group H of the 2018 World Cup

Poland, Colombia, Senegal, Japan.

To your crystal balls! It is the most difficult group to predict. Poland comes out of a beautiful Euro 2016 with a solid team, capable of scoring with Lewandowski. Colombia will be led by James Rodriguez. Do you remember the advice: don't play with your heart? I love this player and his elegance, his vision of the game ... Colombia is my favorite. But for you, I must forget it. Poland is able to break the game from any team. Can Senegal create surprise? With a first match against Poland, we will know it quickly, but not yet enough for us. Colombia has qualified as a very small point in its group.
Very difficult to predict for the moment. On the other hand, Colombia and Poland seems above.

Our advice: Bet on the qualification of Poland for 1.60

2018 World Cup: betting on favorites: to read The article, here ...

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