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The Championship, better known as Wimbledon, has existed since 1877! Today is the last big tournament that takes place on the lawn. For Our betting friends on golf, this is the equivalent of St Andrews. It is the most prestigious tournament of the 4 Grand Slam with its traditions that the English know so well when everywhere else the race for trend and modernity erases the traces of a glorious past. Wimbledon seems to engrave in granite and leave little room for novelty. You know that for us to understand what we bet is a part of the chimney essential to succeed in its forecasts. The Wimbledon tournament is subject to settlements which seem as immutable as the surface on which players evolves. Players must play in white or mainly white. The first Sunday of the Wimbledon tournament is devoted to rest while the 1st Monday is called the Crazy Monday since all the 8th final will be played at the same time. For this 132 nd edition, Wimbledon will tell us a new story and we will wait to see if the little prince of the lawn will be crowned again. Come bet on Wimbledon 2018!

Bet on the ATP Wimbledon 2018 tournament tournament

First of all, we have the point of Types of Paris on tennis On the tournament in general. And yes, the clever of you have understood that you do not guide you on matches that you do not know. The question is therefore more global; Who can go to the end? Will Roger Federer take off his 9th title on the 2018 championship lawn! With a rating of 2.50, Roger Federer is the big favorite and for good reason; It is the record holder of titles on this great slam and he even zapped Roland Garros to be ready for this 2018 edition. The rating is beautiful so can we fear that in the shadows an outsider comes to drop the American?

The odds for the Wimbledon winner on Betclic Sport !

  • Roger Federer : 2,50
  • Novak Djokovic - 5.50

  • Rafael Nadal - 7.00

  • Marin Cilic - 7.00

  • Alexander Zverev - 13.00

The Murray package eliminates a room that could have been transcended by the scent of its England even if it is I admit weird for a Scottish. The big fortunes are nowhere and the same goes for athletes, right? I digress. Wimbledon! Raphaël Nadal arrives in a tourist since he did not play any tournament on this surface. He even forfeited the Queens tournament. Nadal remains Nadal, but he clearly prefers the clay with a British short grass. However, let’s not forget that he is titled twice in Wimbledon and that between 2006 and 2011, he played 5 finals for two titles. Nadal is so exceptional on clay that we find it less good on the lawn, but when Rafa is less good on a surface, it is still better than most.

For Nadal you can use the bet on Betclic: which player will be the winner of the 4th quarter of the table? With a rating of 1.90, the operation seems attractive enough for our bets. His outsider on this part of the table is del Potro.

And Djoko? With three wins at the Wimbledon Novak Djokovic tournament is a natural outsider and can be a favorite if he was not in a difficult period when the Serbian seems to be able to find his tennis which allowed him to question the Suisso dictatorship -Spagnol de Nadal and Federer. Novak Djokovic's painting is more sensitive and the form of the Serbian remains an unknown. We advise you to be careful.

Marin Cilic: Do you know the winner of the Queen 'S? Marin Cilic has just beaten in the final of the Queen's the previous one named, Djokovic. In the 2nd quarter of the table, he is listed at 2. In great shape, winner of such a legendary tournament, Marin Cilic will be observed closely. He has just beat Roger Federer's outsider number 1.

Our forecast on the Wimbledon 2018 winner

  • Roger Federer's victory for a rating of 2.50:

It is always risky to guess the winner after 15 days of competitions where injuries can change the situation, so bet little, but bet!

Our forecasts on the winners by quarter of the table on Betclic:

  • Which player will win the 4th quarter of the table? Nadal for a rating of 1.90
  • 2nd quarter of the table: Marin Cilic for a dimension of 2.00

Bet live on Wimbledon

Take advantage of live bet des bookmakers Available on the site! Enjoy the 2018 Wimbledon matches live streaming! You can bet live and above all follow the tournament and bet games after matches while adapting your bets to the course of the match.

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