Blackjack: Strategies and techniques

As with all popular games, many strategies and other methods have developed around Blackjack. Making it a complete inventory would be too long but you will find the main ones, those who have proven themselves, those used by professional blackjack players and experienced amateurs.

Blackjack is a strategy game above all, that's why these strategies are operating - Especially the different techniques that make it possible to maximize gains in this game, whether in an online casino or in a terrestrial casino. If you already know the Basic blackjack rules And now want to improve your game, you will find valuable information on this page.

Blackjack winning techniques

The first advantage of using a game technique, especially in online blackjack is that from the first parts, you will see a greater mastery of the game and you will already gain a lot in confidence. As everyone knows, a safe player is a player who already goes with a hell of a advantage, and when you know the different strategies of a game, Not only do you increase your field of action and therefore your power, but you also have a much better understanding of the game of your partners. To get a few blackjack strategies is undoubtedly the best bonus you will have in hand during your next games. Well, let's go.

The whole blackjack system is based on the fact of shooting a card or not. You have to know when to shoot and when not to shoot. The basic technique therefore teaches you to choose which action to take and how. For example: if the dealer's card is a 4, a 5 or a 6, you should not draw additional cards, but make the dealer "bust". If the dealer draws one of these 3 cards as the first card, he will be more likely to exceed the number 21. Unless, obviously you have a "soft" hand, that is to say that your two cards allow you to Take a card without “buster”, that is to say that whatever the card you could draw, you will not exceed 21.

Cards counting in blackjack

It was important to recall The basic strategy of blackjack before moving on to the no less essential problem of counting cards. Obviously you have already heard this expression and it makes you dream! It seems so easy to count the cards in hand to anticipate when shooting a card or not. But beware, this is much less simple than it seems.

This technique requires a lot of practice, an excellent memory and the ability to do several things at the same time while remaining focused on each of them separately. On the other hand, if you manage to master this cards counting strategy in blackjack, be sure that the game will be for you and that you are guaranteed to earn a lot of money. Yes Yes! It is a strategy that has proven itself and that works perfectly with a little training.

The blackjack card counting system is quite simple, and the only difficulty in applying it is to learn it by heart. Indeed, in blackjack, and everyone agrees, the best players are those who manage to be as discreet as possible while being fast and meticulous to count the cards.

Considering that there are in each color 13 cards we will attribute a value to each of them:

  • The two to nine cards will be qualified as +1, that is to say that each time it will come out you will count 1 point in your head. Indeed when these cards come out is that the so -called “logs” cards are not out. Therefore they are still to come (logs) and therefore your chance to have a good card to come increases. This is why we add +1.

  • In the same way when the 10, the Valais, the lady, the king (the famous logs) come out then we count -2 points. Again it is easy to understand if these cards come out is that they will not go out afterwards. And therefore that your probability of seeing one in the future decreases.

  • AS is considered to be worth zero. Again it is logical since it can be worth both 1 and 11 and therefore being considered both as a strong card and as a low card.

  • You will therefore see that on all 13 cards The total equilibrium value of the game is zero Since there are eight value cards +1 and a value card -2, the AS worth zero. This system allows you to know when the game becomes positive for you. Indeed if the score is high and positive, then the probability that ace of the kings of the valets or ladies come out is up.

    In the same way if a lot of 10, valets, ladies, kings then come out the index evolves in the negative figures which therefore means that luck is likely to be unfavorable to you.

    Be careful of course it is necessary to be able to obtain the best performance with this technique arrive at the start of the game, that is to say when the hoof has just been mixed and count the cards until the game is finished c 'that is to say that we remember the hoof. Arriving in the middle of the game would make you lose acuity since you do not know what the cards are already released. It would distort your calculations.

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The strategy of the True Count in Blackjack

Now that you have understood the principles of the basic technique of blackjack as well as those of the counting technique, we can go further and try to master the True Count strategy. This strategy is not very difficult to set up and it can, once applied, mark a real difference in your game and allow you to beat the dealer.

Without going into details here (we will do so in an article devoted to this strategy), the True Count method consists in making the cards account even more precise. Know how many card games remain in the hoof to measure the value of your account. The more games in the shoe and the less the account will be relevant, conversely, the less games in the shoe, the more safe your account.

Blackjack actions: divide, double or abandon

As we said previously, the all in Blackjack is to know what action to take in the face of your situation and that of the dealer. Blackjack actions are therefore mainly "share", "double" and "abandon". How to know which one is the most relevant and when is what ultimately matters. In addition, in blackjack, you have the possibility of playing what is called "insurance" in case the bank has an ace in its start hand (and therefore give it the opportunity to have a blackjack). Insurance allows you to try to avoid this and give you a chance to have your hand on the game.

Basic blackjack technique

The basic blackjack technique was born in the 1950s, when an American mathematician named Roger Baldwin publishes an article in a scientific journal dealing with the famous card game and explaining that he has developed a method based on statistics and probabilities intended to put the advantage of the bank on the ground. Indeed, the dealer always follows in Blackjack a codified rule which allows thanks to the mathematical calculations of knowing what action to carry out according to the hand of the bank and that of the player.

In order to be able to start learning the basic blackjack technique, you must of course have learned the rules of the game in blackjack as well as the different terms used during a game.

The main principles of the basic blackjack technique

It is easily possible to win a game of blackjack when you play intelligently. The basic technique is simply to learn when to pull a new card, when to stop, when to double your bet ... all according to your hand and the hand of the bank. For example if the dealer's card is a 4, a 5 or a 6, you should not draw additional cards, but make the dealer "bust". If the dealer draws one of these 3 cards as the first card, he will be more likely to exceed the figure 21. Unless, obviously, you have a "soft" hand, that is to say that your two cards allow you To draw a card without “buster”, that is to say that whatever the card you could draw, you will not exceed 21.

Likewise, if your hand is a 17 hard (that is to say a 17 that you cannot improve), or more, do not draw additional cards because your chances of exceed 21 are too high, whatever the croupier's card. Better to stop there.

Separate two cards in blackjack: the split

There are very classic cases where two cards must be separated. This is the case if you have two aces because their sum is equal to two or if your hand is twelve. They are not good hands. By separating the two aces you will then have two 11 and it is then impossible to "buster" and you can considerably improve your hand and make a blackjack. Likewise, you also have to separate two 8, which are 16, a bad hand too. From two 8, you will then have two good hands, to make 18, even one 19. or do not separate two cards

On the other hand, you should never separate two 10 because your hand has the value of 20, which is a very good hand that only a blackjack can beat. Whatever the croupier's card, it is a hand that must be kept. Same thing for a double 6. Indeed, the 6 is the worst hand in blackjack, by separating it you will have two 6, so it is better to keep a twelve, it is not very good but it is always better.

Likewise, never separate a double 5 or a double 6. You can refer to the reference table below which includes all the statistics necessary to win the blackjack online. Keep it with you to find the right game and the right strategy, located at the intersection of your hand and that of the dealer.

Regarding cards sharing when you get two identical cards, the tips are as follows:

  • If you get a pair of two a pair of three or a pair of 7, then share the if the scoring score is between 2 and 7 otherwise pull an additional card.

  • If you get a pair of 4 Share the score of the dealer is between five and six otherwise, simply pull an additional card.

  • If you get a pair of 5 or a pair 10 do not share it.

  • If you get a pair of 6 Share it if the dealer's score is between 2 and 6 if not just draw an additional card.

  • If you get a pair of ace or a pair of eight share it in any case.

  • If you get a pair of nine Share it if the dealer's score is between 2 and 6 or if it is 8 or 9 otherwise stay without taking additional cards.

Basic Blackjack, how does it work?

Most often this Blackjack strategy is in the form of a painting. The vertical column, the one on the left indicates all the hands that you (the player) can receive and the top line the different visible cards that the dealer receives. The box at the junction of the two data will tell you what action to carry out in order to have the most chance of winning the hand.

Test the strategies and play blackjack online for free

In order to win the part thanks to a game strategy you must absolutely master it to perfection and it can take a little time. In order to allow you to train as much as possible without endangering your port, we advise you to first test these strategies for free. Do not hesitate! To get your hands, start now to play blackjack free !

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