How to play blackjack online?

How to play blackjack online? More or less like classic blackjack. Blackjack is a simple game, but to win against the dealer, you have to master the basic rules and the functioning of part of this famous card game. Here are step by step all the elements that will allow you to play Blackjack a lignings in the best conditions.

What does it take to play blackjack?

If today, we can play on online casinos, the Blackjack remains the same game as in real; The table, the number of cards in the hoof and the tokens will be identical.

The Blackjack table is in a semicircle. On the semi-circle, the players position themselves. In general, seven players can sit at the same time, but you can find tables at 15 places. The dealer is opposite the players with the chip tray and the hoof. In front of the players, in an arc, the square indicates the place where the player must place his bet. Above, from this square, there is the place "insurance" or "insurrance". The player will indicate here that he is taking "insurance" on the next croupier's card. In the hoof, there is between one and eight games of 52 cards. Casinos want to avoid card meters at all costs, even if this technique is rarely controlled, it is completely prohibited. The tokens often have a value of five to 500 euros.

Blackjack - The goal of the game

You have to do the scoring closest to the 21st or make a blackjack. Nevertheless, to win, you must especially beat the bank. Blackjack is not played between the players, but against the casino which is represented by the dealer.
The objective is simple; You have to have a better hand than that of the dealer.

To beat the dealer, there are three possibilities:

1. by drawing a value of a hand greater than that of dealer, but still less than or equal to 21.
2. If the dealer has a hand greater than 21 points.
3. If the player makes a blackjack and the dealer does not succeed.

The player will lose his bet:

  • The dealer has a better score than him without exceeding 21
  • The player exceeds the 21st and made a bust.

The goal of the game for the player is not only to approach the 21. The player must try to "guess" the value of the bank's hidden card. The common error is to play only on his hand and to forget that of the dealer.

The value of the hands in blackjack

We know the value of a hand in blackjack by adding the value of the cards constituting it.

  • Cards from 2 to 10 have the same value as their figures.
  • The king, the lady and the valet have a value of ten points
  • AS has a value of 11 points or a point depending on the hand.

Example: a R-5 hand is worth 16 points.

A hand D-D is worth 20 points

Example for AS: the player or the dealer has an ace and a five in hand, that is to say 16 points or 6 points. They decide to request an additional card. The king falls. The value of the hand is therefore 26 points or 16 points. Logically, the player will take the value of the AS who allows him to stay in play. Obviously, the dealer has his points in the same way.

The value of the player's hand is important, but he must not lose sight of the fact that his goal is "simply" to do better than the dealer.

The rules of blackjack and the course of a game

This game has become a classic in casinos because the rules are simple and everyone can play with a few bases. Blackjack lovers enjoy playing in online casinos because it is offered in many variants. For beginners, we therefore offer the progress of a classic blackjack game.

The bet or the wager

In Blackjack, to see his cards, a player must make a bet. It means that he plays his hand. It should be noted that to play, you must obviously pay the minimum bet. In online casinos, the Blackjack tables allow you to take advantage of one euro minimum. In English, we say the "wager", it is therefore possible to find this term on the American tables which readily use the original vocabulary of the game.

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The course of the game: the distribution of cards

Once the bet is paid, it is the deal, the distribution of the cards. Players will receive a first visible face card. The dealer will distribute a hidden face card. Then, the dealer launches a new distribution lap in the direction of a watch needle to give a second card to the players. This card will also be visible. The dealer also receives a card which unlike the first will be visible to all. It is now up to players to play. They will play in turn against the bank.

For online blackjack, everything is automated. The player will have his two cards directly. The game is therefore much faster and you have to be all the more attentive. For players who like to take the time, the live casino allows you to play with a real dealer as in real.

After the deal, the possible actions

It all starts with the counting of the blackjack points. Only a 21 allows you to be paid at this precise moment of the game. It's blackjack. The rating in classic blackjack is 1.5, that is to say that the player will multiply his bet by 1.5. This hand is called, a natural blackjack and a player has 4.3 % chance of having one on his first two cards.

Below the different possibilities with the options available for the player

  • The stand: the player accepts the hand he has. He does not want a third card or take advantage of the options. The use wants him to type on the carpet to signify it. On the online blackjack tables, it is the sound of the "tape" on the table that accompanies this choice.
  • The hit: the player is not satisfied and asks the dealer an additional hand to get closer to 21. As long as the total point of the player does not exceed 21, he can request an additional card. This option is dangerous and it is an emotional elevator. The player must be careful not to be caught by adrenaline.
    This is called a hit.
  • Double Dawn: If the player has a hand he wants to keep, but he must take a third card, it is possible for him to double his bet to draw an additional card.
  • The split: If the player has a pair, that is to say two equivalent values cards, he can make two hands and bet new ones. Equivalent values cards also include different head cards because they have the same value: a king and a valet can be "pantal" because they are worth 10 points. The player can then play his two independent hands like a classic hand. He will therefore have the choice to make a hit, a stand or a double down for his two hands and independently. Read this article to find out more about sharing or when "Splitter" in Blackjack.
  • Surrender: If the player is not satisfied with his hand of two cards, he can simply abandon him by paying half of his first bet. He goes to bed and starred with the end of the game.

Special cases:

  • The push: this is a rare case where the player and the dealer have the same number of points. The player then recovers his bet, there is a draw, a push.
  • The bust: It's when the player exceeds 21 points. He loses his bet. The same goes for the bank. In the online casino, the term "bust" appears in the middle of the screen to well signify the defeat.


  • Insurance or insurrance: if the dealer has a ten discovered, the player can bet on the fact that he has a blackjack.
    For example, if a betting player $ 4, sees that the dealer has a 10 or an ace, he can put insurance of $ 2, half his bet, to ensure against a defeat. If he loses, he recovers his bet and loses his insurance and if he wins, he takes his bet and his earnings, but loses his insurance.
  • The Even Money): if the player has a blackjack and the dealer at a 10, he can offer money by buying the player's bet. Finally, it is the same principle as for insurance, but this time for the bank.

Hard Hands and Soft Hands in Blackjak

It is an essential concept. Hard hand, "hard" hands, and soft hand, "easy" hands, are the basis of the strategy. Blackjack remains a game of luck, but there are some "move" to react to a situation determined in advance.

A soft and hard hand are not played in the same way, as you will see briefly.

  • A hard hand, for example: 10 - 2 or 9 - 4 or 8 - 7 or 10 - 6

This hand is described as "hard" because a single card can put the player above in bust position.

  • Soft hands: A-2 or A-3 or-A-4 or A-5 A-6

With a soft hand, we know, that whatever happens we can make a split. An A-6 is 17 points. Adding a card can easily send the player in bust. In this case, its AS will take the value of 1 point.

A soft hand allows you to go get the 21st with supple safety.

The advice for beginners blackjack players are:

Here "double" means making a double down, that is to say asking for a third card.

Mains Hard
Double 9 if the dealer at 3-6
Double the 10 unless the dealer has a 10 or an ace
Double the 11th unless the dealer at 11

Soft hands
Double 12/13 if the dealer has 5-6
Double 15/16 if the dealer has 4-6
Double 11/17 if the dealer has 3-6

The advantage of the house in blackjack

This advantage can be limited with strategies like those mentioned above, but this advantage is incompressible. It varies on online casinos from 0.5 to 1%. These figures are already a way to lower them, because on a hard blackjack table, the advantage of the house is between 1 to 2%. The term used online is the edge house. On some online casino, it is specified, but it is far from the norm.

Are you useful Paris in blackjack?

When the blackjack goes from the simple hobby to a passion, the players will necessarily fall on the paintings called "cheeky sheet". The idea is that these paintings are prohibited on a table in real. Online blackjack, nobody sees the player except the safety and equity algorithms of the game. We will come back to it.

These cheat or calculations sheets pretend to tell players what they should do according to the situation and the following criteria:

  • The player's hand
  • Croupier's hand
  • The action of the dealer
  • The number of games in the virtual shoe

Like for all Casino games, it is impossible to know the hidden card. It is all the more difficult online, because the cards are mixed with each hand. The card counting technique is already improbable in hard casinos, because they multiply the hooves, but online, it is impossible.

These sheets are tools. They are ultimately only statistical tables. They must therefore be taken as such. The goal is not to have a movement that saves, but to reduce the chances of the bank. You should know that the casinos usefully "anti-triche" algorithms and obviously if a player plays systematically with well-known statistics of blackjack calculation sheets, he can be blocked, because online casinos may consider that they use cheat software. It's extremely rare, but the ways to play too "automatic" alert safety.

How to play blackjack?

To conclude, we advise you to read our articles dedicated to the Online blackjack strategy And our advice to go further and why not ruin the bank. You can discover the live casino and blackjack tournaments. Play the phone on online blackjack or on a computer, but above all play this simply exciting game!

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