Blackjack pro the nets

Blackjack is a must for casinos. We can say that it is essential. I challenge you to find an online casino without its blackjack game! If you find only one you can win a vegan dinner with Liza. Software publishers are not crazy and all those who create software on all casino games offer Different variants of blackjack : From Blackjack Video to Live Blackjack, you will find thousands of versions when it is not suitable for a slot machine. The success of the black jack online has two reasons: the simplicity of the rule and the mechanics of the games. NETTE, the famous game publisher could not let the Black Jack pass without offering its version. The Blackjack Pro de Netient therefore opposes you to the computer that plays the dealer. The redistribution rate is 99.6%. On this kind of game, we cannot ask for creativity and originality. Nothing looks more like a black jack table than another black jack table. The only way to distinguish yourself is in the table options.

For the Blackjack Pro from Nettent, you will have a blackjack table in front of you. At the top, it is the place of the Croupier. Below, it's yours. You will notice three maps. On this version of Blackjack Pro you can play up to three hands against the dealer. For example, on the blackjack version of Nettent, it is possible to play 5. The carpet is green and your tokens (4-5-10) are located on your left. On the right, the options available for this Nettent game. In the center at the bottom, you have three game possibilities: Double - Hit- Stand.

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How to play blackjack pro

You will find the classic rules of blackjack.

The value of the cards in blackjack pro:

  • Cards from 2 to 10: they are worth their nominal values. So 2 for 2, 5 for 5 and so on
  • Valet, queen, king cards: they are worth 11 points

Bust : It's lost. It is when your hand is greater than 21 points.

BlackJack : It's won. The sum of your cards is equal to 21 points.

NETET's Blackjack objective

It is obviously to get closer to the 21st as possible by adding your cards. You play against the dealer who also owes him to be equal or above 17 points. As long as he is not at this height, he must take a card with an obvious risk of Bust.

The special blackjack pro rules of NETTE

The split : If the player has a hand of two identical cards for example two 9, he can make a split, that is to say separate his game in half. You double your original bet and therefore your earnings if you play. So you play one by one by one.

Insurance : It is as its name suggests an insurance against a blackjack. If the dealer has an ace returned to an AS, you can pay insurance, either half of your very first bet. If the bank has a blackjack you will be paid 2 against 1. If the bank does not have its blackjack you lose your insurance.

Le double( double down) : When the player saw his first two cards, he can decide to double his bet. Note that you can double even after a split. By doubling, you automatically receive an additional card.

Blackjack pro

  • The minimum bet is 1 euros.
  • The maximum bet is 40 euros by hands.

You exempt from 5 -10 -15 tokens to make your bets.

In conclusion : The interface is successful. Piano Bat's music will rock you, maybe a little too much, on a most classic blackjack table. The game is fluid and perfectly suits your smartphones and tablets. It is available in all casinos or Netient offers its games. With a return rate of 99.6%, you will win often if you play with intelligence. Obviously, Blackjack is also a strategies game. To try you at Blackjack, test it for free On the Nettent platform or on your favorite online casino.

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