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The bingo is a lottery game that you will find around the world. In online casinos, you will find a lottery game that could surprise you because we are more used to seeing him organized in village festivals or gigantic lottery fairs where people come from all hexagon and sometimes even border countries. We find its origin in USA in the 16th century with the "Lo Giuco de Lotto" which would be the father of all the lots. The lottery was born in USA and the name remained, but it also gave birth to the Bingo game which has today become a success on the canvas with Online casinos. Most of the casinos that we recommend offer the game of real silver bingo with multiple variants accessible in virtual money or in real money.

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Play online bingo in real silver - only advantages!

If the online bingo has become an essential game in the playgrounds on the canvas, it is because it made its moult and that its differences from the real bingo it has qualities capable of attracting players confirmed as beginners. Conviviality and tradition are difficult to transposable to online game world. It was therefore necessary to highlight the advantages won by the playing of Bingo Lambda. The very first difference can only jump into the eyes. Obviously, amazed. Freedom to play when you wish. You should know that organizing a real bingo takes time and energy. On the canvas, simply go to your online casino and launch a bingo after filling your virtual grid. The online bingo in real silver is at your disposal. You play alone against the machine that will automatically give you the result or if you prefer in real mode with the drum that turns not to spoil your suspense. Disponed 24/24, 7 days a week all year round, no need for Wait for the village bingo to play the lottery.

As for earnings, for those who will play real money, no need to make room for baskets of local products or prepare you to change LED screen. You only earn real money with bingo with progressive jackpots. For withdrawals, it's simple and secure. The amount of earnings obviously varies according to your bets and your bets, but you can multiply by 15 on certain bingos. The jackpoks are several thousand euros. In summary, you will find very little real bingo which competitions at the level of the gains their little brothers of the online casinos. One of the advantages is on the result in real time. You choose your grid, your bet, click and you have the result of your bingo. You can even make several bingo prints at the same time.

The online bingo allows you to play quickly, to have an instant result on PC or on mobile. The traditional lotto is needed in the latency between the moment you validate your grid and the official draw. Online, just connect to your online casino, fill the grid and launch the virtual bingo. Immediate result. If you are in a hurry, you can even play in automatic mode where the boxes are chosen randomly by an algorithm. Instant draw for saving time, we are not far from the game of Ke on enjo èrè. You can therefore play a lot of online bingo games on casinos and Virtual playgrounds that during live bingo tournaments. The advantage is that you will find hundreds of virtual bingos with for some original options that make it possible to dust this lottery game. The diversity of bingo games will seduce you too.

Bingo variants in online casinos

The combinations vary and you can have special missions such as carrying out the diagonals of your grid. And the must it still remains the complete grid which is the bingo! You will also find progressive bingos and bingo tournaments. The bingo 75 is the one that has the most successful online. The reason is found in the grids of the 75 balls: the grid is smaller, quite simply. 5 rows and 5 columns only for this grid which allows beginners and advanced bingo players to maximize their chances without getting lost in large grids.

  • Bingo 90 balls,

  • Bingo 75 balls

  • Bingo casino live

  • Progressive bingo

In addition, each bingo has its own variants of Paris with various varied set combinations. Play the diagonals, one of the letters of the bingo which represents lines:

  • Column B: figure 1 to 15
  • Column I: figure 16 to 30

  • Column n: figure 31 to 45

  • Column g: figure from 46 to 60

  • Column O: figure from 61 to 75

Online bingo rules

It's pretty simple. It is really a game accessible to everyone, without strategy and with adrenaline only as a companion. It all starts with the selection of your grid. In real, it is a cardboard grid that costs more or less expensive depending on the number of boxes. Bingo players go so far as to sleep in front of the big hard bingos to select their favorite grids. Once you have your virtual cardboard, you will see the featured numbers. You must check if you have them one by one. It is about combinations.

Each letter of the Bingo game name corresponds to a line:

  • Column B: numbers1 to 15

  • Column I: numbers 16 to 30

  • Column n: numbers 31 to 45

  • Column g: numbers from 46 to 60

  • Column O: numbers from 61 to 75

The objective is to have an entire line: horizontal, vertical or diagonal. And there you cry "Quine", but hey it will not have much effect on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Online, everything is done automatically. The joy and deliverance of the Quine will only be for your neighbors and your family. To improve your chances of gain, read our article on Online bingo strategies.

How to play online bingo?

You have to be of age to register on an online casino. Make sure that your online casino has a serious license like the one attributed by the Curacao which is authoritative in the world of online gambling. Once registered, you can make a deposit to take advantage of the welcome bonuses that can allow you To multiply by 200 % your first deposit and sometimes more if you benefit from a special offer! It is then the choice of the bingo machine, which obviously belongs to you. It's up to you. Note that you can use your desktop computer, smartphone and tablet to connect and play! Without downloading, even with a small connection, an iOS or Android a little dated, it works wonderfully. You can discover the world of online casinos with its slot machine rooms, tables of tables and all scratch games. Maybe the bingo will make you win jackpots, but also open a world where adrenaline is queen!

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