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Online bingo: strategies & advice

The bingo today is played out as well at the village festival as in the sanitized rooms of hard casinos and even in pajamas from your bedroom with smartphone. Indeed the online bingo has literally exploded in recent years on the net since the Online casinos made a real argument to attract players around the world. As they knew how to do for scratch cards, online gaming professionals have managed to create a real online bingo game offer everything is dusted without distorting it. This tour de force, because this deeply friendly game becomes a lonely game, conquered Bingo players accustomed and even traditional players from online casinos. And the more online games, the more you can find theories to win for sure. All these theories that we tell you just to demolish them as you have read in our articles on poker strategies. Here you find real tips for playing Online bingo with money And we promise you that there will be no magic formulas or miraculous mathematical laws, but concrete and useful advice that will ensure better chances and even more pleasure to play!

Our tips for playing online bingo

The bingo is usually played in large rooms with it, let's not be afraid of words, a liturgy of players. The first step is the purchase of the game card. The enthusiasts are even waiting for several hours to arrive first and choose their favorite game boxes. Then, the choice of the square, the gray-gray, the drum. Everything is perfectly codified. The online bingo does not meet any of these usual criteria. However, the bingo in online playgrounds offers many more possibilities and advantages.

  • Availability: you can play when you want it? A bingo player only has to connect to his online casino to make his box: 24/24, 7/7.
  • Imretent: you play, you have the result. You can even use an option that automatically gives you the result without going through the draw which can be a bit long.
  • The gains: forget the basket of local products more or me distant, but gain fresh! The gains are all the more interesting since you have many possibilities of bet and therefore of winning multipliers.
  • Play free bingo: Online casinos offer most of their games for free - even if play in real money remains the ultimate goal. You still have to be registered and have a minimal deposit to test the bingos and find your favorite machine. This virtual money allows you to test the online bingo and thus get an idea for yourself the advantages of this game.
  • The variants: online competition forced casinos to develop different variants and imaginative options that put a facelift to this old bingo. No more pleasures, more discoveries and more means to win the jackpot.
  • What the bingo lost online, he won it on other points. Many online bingo players are real bingo players. One does not prevent the other.

Play online bingo in these casinos

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How to choose your bingo game?

Well, you have to test the variants. We recommend the live bingo. You find the casinos that offer it in our casino tests and reviews. The principle will allow you to pass between the real and the virtual with a transition. Indeed the live bingo is played in real time. You connect to the Live Bingo and you will find yourself in a bingo room with a real drum and a hostess who pulls the balls. You can speak live with the other players! Note that Bingo Live is only accessible in real silver.

The large variants of the bingo

  • Bingo 90 balls,

  • Bingo 75 balls

  • Bingo casino live

  • Progressive bingo

So it's a matter of tastes. Obviously, some will prefer the bingo at 75 balls because there are fewer numbers. The progressive bingo will be the choice of players who like to hunt the jackpots.

Bingo game strategy

The bingo remains a game of chance, but as always strategies pushing here and there in the meanders of the net and become certainties. We have tried to purify and protect you from the most wacky techniques to offer you two that can improve your chances, without being miracles: online bingo is a real game of chance, it is its essence and we do not not strategies to beat luck. But we can play intelligently.

For Granville, you have to tackle the bingo at 75 balls. For him and according to his calculations a little too sharp so that we present them to you, not that we doubt your mathematical genius, but rather because we doubt ours, we must choose 7 peer figures and 8 odd figures! It starts from the principle of group theory and explains in substance that for the first issue there is a chance in 75 and that for the other numbers, statistics decreases. By adding a factor, peer or odd, you therefore reduce the chance.

Tippet Theory Also concerns the bingo at 75 balls. Even if it means playing with statistics as much to take the bingo that has the least balls. He studied an average of bingo draw and retained the idea that this average revolved around number 38. It would therefore be necessary to play around this average to get more likely to win. So why not, but an average allows a wide variance of figures. This theory in any case has been emulated in the world of online bingo players.

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