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August 10. In two weeks, the 2018-2019 American football championship starts again. Let's be objective, the L1 is the best championship on the planet because this is where our hearts, our fervers are fighting. Obviously you will find a whole new generation which lives football as a show and which consumes the foreign championships by following the big European stables ... These will never understand why we love our Ligue 1 and why, I have so much joy To write to you this article, me, 2018 world champion that I am. I hear the people who explain to us that PSG kills the L1, that the suspense is dead ... it's true. And it is not me who says it, it is not a position, it is the rating that says it. On the bet on the winner of Ligue 1 2018-2019, the Paris Saint-Germain rating is 1.05 on average on the bookmakers authorized by the Arjel.

And if we followed us during the 2018 World Cup, your bankroll is positive and it is not to lose it on a rating so weak that you even wonder why it exists. We will talk about it later as part of our fight against the ratings in -of 1.50 -1.45 if you leave with a $ 20 bankroll! So we will show you here How to bet on Ligue 1 For this 2018-2019 season. If you start read our article betting on football where you will find the generic advice. There are several types of bets to bet on the globality of the 2018-2019 Ligue 1 season with more or less interesting odds.

Remember that your bets are blocked throughout the season. Bet a marginal sum to keep 95-98 of your bankroll for the matches. Do not forget here, we play to win in the long term, to bet like a pro! If we put all our little sous in bets that last in the season, we find ourselves blocked or obliged to hunt a bonus des bookmakers. This time, we're not going. Here is our forecasts and our analysis for Ligue 1 2018-2019

Prognosis on the winner of Ligue 1, 2018 -2019:

Like the Bundesliga or Serie A, mass is said before the start of the championship. If for you PSG is the favorite and well go to our following prognosis. If you think the reigning champion can lose his trophy, then there is a real blow to do.

Ratings on the winner of the Ligue 1 2018 -2019 at Betclic Sports Sports :

  • Paris SG 1,07
  • Monaco 11
  • Lyon 14
  • Marseille 16
  • Saint-Etienne 250
  • Nîmes 1500
  • Nantes 500.00
  • Caen 1500
  • Lille 500,00
  • Strasbourg 1500

Voila, a small rotten pot on the odds to show you that the bookmaker does not have an illusion. Obviously, there are also all Sunday players who had to bet on the Qatari club, despite a very low rating. However, this trivial bet is more risky than you think. If there is a season when you can try a madness to bet on the winner of Ligue 1 2018-2019, this is this one.

1 Elelason : Paris again changes a coach who is revolutionizing everything and that some consider a principle coach. That is to say that it is not he who will adapt to his players, but his players who must adapt to his vision of football. Tuchel arrives in a wardrobe where the egos and the whims of stars killed the inclinations of changes in his predecessor. Betsters can expect difficult beginnings. We are talking about PSG, difficult start, that means that the club does not crush everything in its path. For 5 years, we have seen that by playing very well or very badly, the result is often the same. PSG crushes the L1 because it has the means to buy the best players on the planet and keep them while having a bench of internationals. Opposite, it would be necessary to accumulate the budgets of all clubs to have as many means as the Parisian club. The rating of 1.07 is justified. So you have to find the grain of sand. It has nothing against PSG, here we are not supporting, I remind you.

2nd reason: The return of the players of the World Cup. All experts will tell you that it is a real hassle for clubs. They lack a large part of the preparation. They arrive tired and psychologically exhausted. World champions are often between two waters and find it difficult to get back into the bath.

These two factors may suggest that PSG will be less dominating during the first months. And the Arlesian of the Champions League means that Paris must arrive at its peak in shape in the spring. If there is a season to bet on another team than Paris, it is this one. But you have to find who can still have the possibility of staying for 38 days. And there, it's not a gift. We can think of three teams: Monaco, Lyon and Marseille with a lesser measure.

Monaco, the eternal rival?

Monaco's model is still in question. In two years, they have let their best elements leave. Recruitment is based on young players full of future. But then it doesn't help us much. Pietro Pellegri, 16, came for 20 million euros in the winter transfer window. Lemar goes to Atletico. At a time when we talk to you, we are waiting for more significant recruits when there is a lot of rumor of departure. The only certainty is Leonardo Jardim. However, we have the impression that gradually the Rocher club fell from seasonal season.

Lyon and consistency then?

Olympique Lyonnais can bite their fingers to always suffer from the same harm. Inconsistency. Last season, they were sometimes in a sparkling form with a licked game Before collapsing and then reborn. The question for Lyon is not even to know if Fekir will leave and which will replace it, but rather to know if this year they will be constant? Genesio remains the coach, for the moment there has still been little movement on transfers.

OM after construction, stability?

OM by finishing 4th has achieved its objective, not to mention its final in the Europa League 2017. OM has just recruited the Croatian international defender Dujétar-Car and awaits the arrival of Mario Balotelli. Printing is that stability is the goal of this season. If the title still seems far away, OM can still progress and with a front center of the Balotelli level, one can imagine that the attack is even more effective.

Our prognosis on the winner of Ligue 1 2018-2019:

It is extremely difficult to determine who will be the champion if we forget PSG. Unfortunately, the Paris Coast is far too weak and as we have shown you, Paris will open a new page with a new coach in a post World Cup season. His opponents are in stability, which is an advantage. Betting on Paris would be intelligent with a rating taking into account his data. Which is not the case.

Our advice:

Bet a small sum taking into account your bankroll on one of the three outsiders. With a rating of 11, play little allows you to multiply by 11 your bet at least. We advise you to consult our following article with bets on the season with more interesting blows to make. Sometimes it is better to abstain, but as our community often asks us for this kind of prognosis, we try to give you an answer.

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