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We are used in USA to use the European dimensions, but if you have traveled or if you play from abroad on English -speaking sites, you have quickly noticed that the dimensions of online Paris sites are different. Some of you wonder how the ratings are made, where they come from. In short, we are going to tell you today the odds and you take to the country of the ratings, where they are born childhood and an algorithm and shaped by the human hand whether European, American or English. Come and find out how and what are these beautiful ones that you hunt in all the bookmakers on the planet.

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What is an online bookmaker rating?

The question may seem a little silly, everyone knows what a rating is. It is often when everyone knows that it is good to recall things because we use so many things that we know nothing, but which we accept existence because it is a fact. However, we do not know more than the first man seeing the sky the fell in heaven. For us, bettors in front of the Lord, understand what an online betting rating is and as it works, allows us to understand what makes our butter. A rating is an index attributed to an event, sports or not, which allows you to know the sum of money you will earn by betting on this rating. Whether European, American or Asian, it is always the same principle. For us in USA, it is possible to bet solely on sport, but across the Channel, the Anglo-Saxons are having a great time with ratings on crowned heads, presidential elections, TV games and up to sentimental life ... one can legitimately wonder how certain bets can be sides when they are based on irrational. Yet bookmakers always find a dimension.

The calculation of a rating is in principle quite mysterious for bettors.

The basic calculation is this:

  • European rating = 1 / probability

We can see that the unknown has a name: probability. And the know -how of online bookmakers is precisely to better calculate this probability while taking into account an essential factor: the choice of bettors. You then have a last ripening layer that comes from the hand of man. All this is to offer dimensions that allow the bookmaker to earn money regardless of the choice of bettors. Obviously, the online bookmaker can have substantial losses when a huge rating of an outsider falls. And this is all the more dangerous for them when they are meetings of national teams where Sunday bettors will bet on the team of their heart even if it is a rating of 10 .. often you will read in our pages , the concept of "Beat the Book" which means "beat the bookmaker". It is precisely taking into account this rating factor and therefore the way they are made that this principle, which we have not invented, must become a leitmotif. The bookmaker tells you that if you bet on this team you will multiply by X if you won. This is the European rating.

European ratings called "decimal ratings"

This is the one we tell you in the forecasts that we offer. It is not a choice, it is simply the ribs that you will find on the Online sports betting sites which are approved by the online regulatory authority (Arjel). From memory, there is little site for Europeans who do not offer decimal ratings. At one time, we could sometimes change the shape of the dimensions as if we were changing the language at the idea of an option. The decimal rating is simple to understand and a primary child can grasp it. Just multiply the rating by the rating to have the gains of the bet if it is a winner. The gains are not the benefits. The European rating also makes it possible to see in the blink of an eye the favorite and outsider of a meeting, but also for each bet. The bookmaker put a weak dimension when he thinks that the bet will come true and very high when he thinks it is impossible. So you will never find a coast of 1 or negative. This is a vision not to be forgotten either because the online bookmaker never makes a gift and the value Bet are not so frequent.

English ratings called "fractional ratings"

You have often heard in films where bettors speak of a bet saying: it is 5 against two. The counter evokes a fractional dimension.

Taking an example to clearly visualize this English rating:

Olympique de Marseille 12/15

Nul 18/7

Stade Rennais 9/4

The calculation to go from the fractional rating to the decimal side.

Divided rating (numerator/ denominator) +1 = decimal rating

example :

To have OM's rating on this match - the ratings are fictitious - you have to do this operation:

12/15 +1 = 1.80 in decimal side.

To have your earnings, simply do this calculation:

  • Place x Cost = profit

Child's game, right?

For a bet of 50 euros on theOlympic Marseille With our fictitious ratings it gives:

50 x 12/15 = 40

This is the advantage of the English rating which allows you to directly know the benefit of the bet, without going through the calculation of the profit.

American ratings called "negative or positive"

There, it becomes a little more complex to follow and from the memory of a man, no one has ever seen elsewhere than on American hard bookies. Authorization of certain American states to authorize Paris online In their territories could seduce certain of our American readers living with Uncle Sam.

  • The positive ratings that we recognize in the more precedent the figure means that by betting 100 $ you will earn the sum indicated after the number

  • The negative ratings indicate the amount to pay to earn 100 euros

You can tell yourself that it is slightly capillotracut, but ultimately, it is another way of giving information to the bettors.

The calculation of gains with the American odds

  • Total gain: multiplied bet (1 + US/100 rating).

  • Net gain: multiplied bet (US/100 rating).

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