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Do you love sports disciplines and would like to start betting live to get more earnings? Are you already well involved but you want to improve and learn a little more? While players play on the field, the tension rises on both sides, the excitement of the moment does not prevent you from anticipating the outcome of a match, you have a cold head and already know what will be the score ? Well this is indeed the sign that you can go to live bet and enter the big leagues!

Here are some signifying advice from Pros to secure your winning trajectory in the world of live sports betting.

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Prepare yourself seriously

The big difference in live bet with “normal” bets is that everything takes place in real time and that there are a large number of different parameters to analyze.

Consequently, live bets promote those who best understand the sport in question and know the different teams that participate in the competition being the subject of the bet. It is therefore absolutely necessary to master the rules of the game, the participating teams, their respective trajectories in the championship and the forces involved in the match.

The successful bettors focus on the sports they know well and use a calendar to plan matches where they can reasonably predict the result according to their knowledge. Do not forget to take enough time before the sports meeting begins so that you can update your information and take into account all the external or internal factors to the teams that could affect the outcome of the meeting, and therefore your bet.

Enter “the area”

Betting live is in a way a sporting competition against other bettors. It is essential, to borrow sporting language, that you enter "in the area", that is to say in the appropriate mental state to win. Especially when everything is played in real time and you no longer have the time for reflection.

To take this expression in the literal sense, you must also be placed in a place where potential distractions will affect your mental acuity, your judgment, your speed of execution. So, whether you watch the event in the stadium or view it on your smartphone or on TV, make sure you are in the “good area” - the best place - to focus. If you chat with friends, take a few glasses or applaud your favorite team while watching the game, you may make a classic sports betting error - an error that can cost you dearly in the case of Live Bet!

Identify heavy trends

Momentary fluctuations have always been a key factor in determining the ratings of Paris live. However, we must manage to grasp the "lines of force", the trends that develop during a season, the form of sportsmen, etc.

For example, a player or a team that attacks, dominates, is more likely to grow in confidence and to benefit from a more favorable atmosphere to win. This increases the probability that they will continue on this positive trend resulting in a virtuous circle and therefore victories that are easier to predict. On the other hand, a series of defeats can lead to a loss of confidence and create a more hostile environment. This is clear: the spiral of the vanquished is very difficult to break. Now that live bets are possible, you have to be able to react instantly to a major event during the game, such as an unexpected injury, an exclusion, an unexpected replacement that enters the field.

The most sharpened bettors use their knowledge of sport and the attention paid to details to identify less evident indicators of movements affecting the economy of the match, its dynamics. By understanding heavy trends, instant fluctuations earlier than bookmakers, you can get good live ratings live and defeat them to their own game.

Keep an eye on special bets

Before the start of a game, it is common to bet on the result, the score and the players who could mark. Beyond that, there are not many reasons to place bets on football for things such as the number of conceded corners or the number of yellow cards, right?

Well, that is part of what makes bets live so exciting! With live bets, there are a large number of additional parameters that can be predicted and therefore be the subject of a bet. If you understand these dynamics, this will give you an advantage on bookmakers, then take advantage of these special bets in any way possible.

If you thought football was exciting when you were to wait for a goal to be scored, then you will certainly appreciate when you only need a corner kick to win or a piece of colored paper in yellow or red !

Bet on the favorites ... when they lose

It is a simple betting strategy in direct adopted by experienced bettors. This strategy uses dynamic fluctuations, and it involves betting on the favorites of a championship, even when they lose.

Now it may seem counter-intuitive to bet on the defeat of a player or a team, but let's be clear: this is where you can make the biggest earnings. For example, when you bet on tennis, if the favorite loses the first set, then the ratings that have been fixed before the match will be readjusted for live bets. And this is where it becomes interesting: once the bookmakers readjust the dimensions, you can then place your bet on the favorite at a much more favorable rate than those who have bet on them from the start. And now, a technique not so obvious!

Check your expenses

Money is the nerve of war. You will lose battles, win much more, and you always have to know where you are. So it's always a good idea for bettors to keep track of how much money you are betting and what are your limits. And this is particularly true for live bets because everything goes much faster and the options to place bets can be done almost without limit! So keep your head cool because, unlike the casino where only chance occurs, you can know and appreciate here - practically - all the parameters. It’s a big difference.

Thus, the total amount of money you have allocated for the bet is known as your bankroll. The most experienced bettors then use a money management rule which varies between 3-5%. It is the percentage of your bankroll that you should consider betting at some point. For example, if you have a $ 100 bankroll, you should not bet more than $ 3 to $ 5 per bet.

And in order to find out a little more about the sports bet, follow guide!

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