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Ligue 1 2018-2019 begins on August 10 ... We presented the Paris and forecasts on competition, but the nerve of war to bet like a pro is obviously the matches. 38 day, 380 games, and yes Lisa, and thousands of bets. And we are only talking about the American football championship. For a beginner bettor or a regular who is tired of losing, the good question to ask is that in title: How to bet well on the Ligue 1 matches? Perhaps you will tell me that the article "betting on football" is sufficient. First error. The explanation of the generalities must lead to the more precise analysis on a case -by -case basis. Ligue 1 is not the liga and not the Eredvisie either. By betting on Ligue 1 matches, you must take into account the specifics of each championship. Then you have to try to have a Cartesian approach and thus sweep everything you think to learn again. Football is much more subject to beliefs, urban legends, which have become truths accepted by all, that one might think. For example, we often hear that the 0-0 is the most recourrating score. Well it's wrong. This has never been the case. Last season is the 8th score, or 5% of the games of the season. Let's not talk more about it, we will develop the statistics on Ligue 1. matches more upstream upstream is to guide you in your bets on Ligue 1 matches, avoid you The most common errors And thus understand how we make our League 1 20018-2019 League forecasts.

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Bet on Ligue 1: general statistics.

If the statistics are not the words of the Gospel, they brush a painting that you have to know how to interpret. You will often hear amateurs, sometimes even enlightened, say to you: "They have pulled twice more often by framing twice as much, but they have lost. Statistics does not speak of the quality of the strike or the danger of action. A very soft strike on the goalkeeper is a shot on a framework. A brushed shot in an opposite skylight which borders on the amount, it is an unpacked shot. However, the second action that falls into the state of unpredictable shots will have been more dangerous. All this to tell you to be wary of statistics, which we will try to demonstrate you even if we are against the tide.

Statistics to bet on Ligue 1 (last five seasons since 2018):

Statistics Ligue 1 Home Victory - No - Outside victory:

  • Home victory: 45%
  • Draw: 27%
  • Outside victory 28%

We already see that a team has one in two chance of winning at home. We can see that if you do not play a draw, you have a 73% chance of "winning" if you try the double bet. I will repeat it again. These are only stats and the truth of the teams is obviously much more important. These statistics just show that simple Paris only has the name in Ligue 1.

Error number 1: systematically bet on the home team.

If you systematically bet on a home victory, you will lose much more than you win ! Why ? The dimensions. The ratings are in 90% of the lower cases for the receiving team. By taking the example of the 1st day of Ligue 1 2018-2019: 1 in 10 game gives a favorite outside. It is Monaco in Nantes ... which, moreover, deserves to be dug. In addition to the 9 dimensions, 4 out of 9 are below 1.70 for home victory. For the other 5, the odds are around 2. You see that this victories stat can help you clearing a day, but in any case it must determine your bet on a Ligue 1 match.

Average goal per game in Ligue 1

  • 2.7 goals per game
  • 27 goals per day.

This too can give you a clue if you play on the scores, which we do not recommend. But what this statistic does not say is that in Ligue 1 Les Gros, notably Paris, can put tennis scores alone. If you remove the PSG score, you can fall back to a relatively average goal. Paris Saint-Germain is an average of almost three goals per game. The indicator can be treacherous if we do not know in detail the changes in the competition in L1.

Error number 2: bet on the exact and other scores.

L1 score statistics:

  • 1-1 12,6%
  • 2-1 10 %
  • 1-0 9,5%
  • 0-1 8,9%
  • 0-0 5,5%

It is so random that we are not far from Keno. The number of purposes can only be guessed and even with a real favorite against the red lantern, to know if there are 3 -0 or 4-1 is divination. This is why the ratings on the exact bet are high. Avoid bets that arise from the exact score: exact goal for the home team etc ... and if you really want to play lotto, bet little. In the season, you will necessarily be losing if you regularly bet on this kind of bet.

Error number 3: Bet out of context

The context is the moment T. We recommend patience and wait a few days to widely engage your bankroll on the league championship days 1. We can estimate the forces present on paper, but we must take into account All external factors. The start of the season can be more difficult for the big ones who are preparing for a marathon while the small clubs will try to take as many points as soon as the start to avoid playing the relegation all the season. For example, PSG is launching its season against a small club. There is a change of coach, a preparation turned upside down because of the deferred returns of its internationals ... On paper, PSG is favorite, but with the context, you can weigh your bet and its bet. And the same goes for most of the clubs which we ultimately know nothing for a few days. For us, the first days are a source d'information. So you have to play in moderation.

To be continued. Bet on Ligue 1: Bons Paris (continued)

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