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This is the basis. In USA, Ligue 1 is one of the competitions most followed by bookmakers and bettors. The information is not even daily, but permanent. The odds are worked by bookmakers and ask to know the American football championship well. If you are starting out in sports betting, this article will present the information and advice essential to bet on Ligue 1 in football. You will also find additional information in our article " bet on football like a pro ».

Bet on L1: bets on competition

Before betting on the matches that start in early August, see a later the World Cup years, it is possible to bet on Ligue 1. These bets concern the final results of the competition. There are several betting schools. Some people think that it is too dangerous to bet before the season without knowing the forces involved and especially the real level of the teams. And the structure of the American championship must be well understood and above all taken into account. You have a scarecrow: Paris Saint Germain which is under the banner of Qatar. It has been the scarecrow since 2011. He had a misstep in six seasons by losing his title of champion of USA against AS Monaco. Overdown for Ligue 1 at the financial level, it is a bulldozer who only lost between 2 and 3 games per season.

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The bets available to bet on Ligue 1

  • Competition winner: should we specify?
  • Relegation: you have to bet on the team that will be relegated to the end of the season

  • Place 1-3: it is necessary to determine if a team ends Ligue 1 in the first three places

  • Winner without PSG: as we said, PSG is so favorite that it is useless for bettors. In these cases, bookmakers spread the big favorite to offer more interesting and attractive dimensions. The question is: without the PSG who will be champion?

  • Season classification - Face to face: it's rather interesting since it is necessary to determine which teams will end up in front of the other. Unfortunately, this concerns that the podium teams or who are supposed to be there, which is still different, it must be admitted!

These bets ask to know Ligue 1 well and its recent history. A championship leaves little room for surprises for the top of the ranking. Unless you will find a battle between big budgets. Unlike cutting matches, big budgets are supposed to have the best players and especially a better quality bench. And in the long term, this equation is the winner. For championships like USA, but also, USA and USA, the little suspense for the title forces bookmakers to offer bets with more stakes. Fortunately for everything else, you will always have existential questions to determine other bets. You will find good ratings on the 1-3 bet with more certain visibility. In recent seasons, the podium varies little with Paris - Monaco - Lyon and Olympique de Marseille in ambush. We will tell you more about our Paris on Ligue 1 20017-2018 So soon then be vigilant.

Advice to bet on Ligue 1:

Do not start from the principle that you know and beware of habits. Changes in the teams can completely destabilized even a team like Paris Saint6germain;

  • Be patient: before betting on one of the bet Ligue 1, observe the transfers, the forces involved. From one season to the other, harmless changes can have significant repercussions.
  • Bet on Ligue 1, not on your team: we will never tell you enough. Do you want to earn money on your bets? So avoid betting on your heart team. Especially if you are a real supporter. It is the assurance of letting yourself go and even if you remain objectives and you bet against your team, you will rot your match ...
  • The calendar: The calendar can help you anticipate difficult times, especially if you play on relegation. Not often taken into account, it can be decisive to play a club in the spring after a C1 match rather than playing it at the end of the season. We come out of a World Cup, the internationals should not be in good shape from the start of the season. Last season, the proximity of the World Cup was also important for some players who admitted to having lowered to prepare for the best.
  • Bookmakers: Choose several bookmakers to enjoy the best odds. This can be played out and sometimes there are notable differences on the ratings of the same match. Discover our bookmakers reviewed by the Arjel!
  • Avoid the bet on the winner: it may be a funny Advice if you are starting. However, the PSG rating is far too weak: 1.07 on Betclic Bookmaker. You have to bet a lot for a minimal gain. Forget this bet, unless you want to take the risk of betting on an outsider. This too we will tell you about our 2017-2018 Ligue 1 forecasts

Bet on competition must be support bets that do not canalize your bankroll. The results being at the end of the season, your return on investment will be blocked all season. Build little especially if you want to bet before the start of the American football championship. It is of course the Ligue 1 matches that will be at the heart of your bets. We will offer you SPOUR predictions and advice to bet on the Ligue 1 matches!

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