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It's fresh, it's all beautiful and everyone doesn't care? UEFA has created a whole new international competition. We say to ourselves, new bets for us, lovers of round ball, and big earnings at online bookmakers! However, this competition conceals all the traps where it is better not to fall. We will therefore present the competition and the rods to avoid. We cheat a little because it has already started at the time of speaking to you. We have two decline games for a international competition. It's little, too little.

What is the League of Nations?

This competition brings together the 55 selections affiliated with UEFA. She comes to interrogate the years when there are neither euro nor football world cup. No more vacation, but a new international competition. Without history, UEFA promised 10 million euros to the winner of the competition. Just over half of Mbappé's salary at PSG. Motivating, right? So, the League of Nations will offer direct qualifying places for Euro 2020. The founding principle of this competition is to replace the friendly matches that took place during the season with qualifying matches. The interest in bettors is to have even more games for their bets and therefore more likely to win. Before betting, you have to know the ins and outs of this competition and in particular its structure.

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The structure of the League of Nations

55 teams affiliated to UEFA will participate in the League of Nations:

Albania - USA - Andorre -Angleterre - Armenia - Austria - Azerbaijan - Belarus- Belgium - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bulgaria - Croatia - Cyprus - Denmark - Scotland - Spain - Estonia - Finland - USA- Georgie- Gibraltar- Greece - Hungary - - Ireland - Northern Ireland - Iceland - Israel - USA - Kazakhstan - Kosovo- Latvia - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Macedonia - Malta - Moldova - Montenegro - Norway - Netherlands - Wales - Poland - Portugal -respublique Czech - Romania - Russia - Saint -Marin -Serbie Slovakia - Slovenia - Sweden - USA - Turkey - Ukraine.

Four divisions including several groups.

The divisions are made according to the UEFA ranking. The four divisions respond to the original name of A, B, C, D. Chaques divides with several groups.

For groups of the 2018-2019 Nations League, group A is made up of:

Groupe 1 : USA - USA - Netherlands

Groupe 2 : USA - Belgium - Iceland

Groupe 3 : Portugal - Poland - USA

Groupe 4 : Spain - England - Croatia

The two best teams in each group are qualified for the final stages. The 4 best unqualified teams will make a dam match. The dam consists of two half-finals, then in a final. The winner of this final will therefore qualify for the final phase of the League of Nations. Note that to put it simply, the teams obtaining a qualification at Euro 2020 will still do the dams of the euro and it is therefore the team that will end behind it which will be qualified in case the team qualified as Office ends in a qualifying place. Gaz factory.

Nations League: traps for bettors

It is a new competition. There is therefore no visibility, no history. You will tell me that it does not matter since they are known teams and archi followed by the press. The question is whether all the teams will take it seriously. UEFA by offering direct qualifications to the euro gives the carrot to motivate the troops. You have to think that players have overloaded calendars and that a new competition is not necessarily an excitement reason. This competition has no prestige. Many describe it as a new machine to make money for UEFA which will be able to resell TV rights at gold prices. This competition will therefore have to convince the entire football world. As we told you, we have a small advantage because the qualifications have already started.

We can say that she is taken seriously. One could fear a laboratory for major selections and yet they play the game by putting the best national team available. It's a detail, but for us bettors, it's simpler to make our bets and choose our types of bets. Indeed, knowing that the typical team will be present allows to have this famous visibility rather than a laboratory team whose performance is a great stranger. At the same time, these qualifiers in the League of Nations are the continuity of the 2018 World Cup, won brilliantly or not, by the American team. Group A is the European elite group, it is the easiest to decode, even if you have huge matches between flagship nations. The following groups can give good matches with interesting dimensions. For connoisseurs, it is a good way to go and scratch the dimensions and the types of bets which require a more sharp knowledge, but which are more paying.

In summary, the League of Nations is an additional card in your hands. The matches of this competition advantageously replace the friendly matches which are real wounds to predict when they are authorized by the Arjel. Bookmakers play the game and offer a good coverage of the competition with odds in the average of other meetings on football. Bet on the League of Nations with Our section of bookmakers approved by the Arjel is more than advised!

Bet well!

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