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The American championship resumes its rights and the bettors are already overheating. We may advise you to avoid betting on the competition, whatever it is, we receive mails in a mess to make this article which becomes a tradition. For this new adventure, we will try to take a little overview of betting on competition and share our point of view on the opportunities to be seized. We always warn our readers. Here, no room for supporters, we make earnings, we want to beat the bookmaker, so we leave the heart and its reasons and we only use our calculation power and our medium ball.

Betting on the winner of Ligue 1 2019-2020

  • PSG 1,12
  • Lyon 7,00
  • Rennes 50,00
  • Lille 60,00
  • Saint-Etienne 75.00
  • Marseille 100,00

Since Qatar invested Ligue 1, we have gotten into the habit of forgetting this bet. We did well every time, even if AS Monaco made us lie on a fairly exceptional season of the Rocher club, without PSG having really sinned with a number of record points for a second. Bet on this 2019-2020 league 1 and discover the ratings of bookmakers leave us a little surprised. Paris ultra-favori in a football where the budget is king, it is a classic. Unfortunately, a study of European statisticians shows that more than 85% of the final rankings can be anticipated simply by comparing the salary masses. This is like that, football is no longer a romanticism, but a spectacle for accountants. The dolphin for bookmakers is therefore Lyon which emerges at more than 250 million euros of budget.

The question that everyone is asking is simple: can OL type Qataris?

On paper, PSG remains much higher and seems more stable than Lyon who has experienced a palace revolution with a new sports director, a new coach and the departure of executives replaced by promising players presented. If you don't have the names, you may have to run a little before you go on the L1 2020! On the Parisian side, it is the Comedia del Arte with the return of Léonardo who arrives in Hérault of the institution and who speaks with NAK of respect for the club, of institution .. now, the club will be firm even with the stars. We can say: Finally. Nevertheless, the Neymar affair completely puts the beautiful words into pieces. The Brazilian wants to leave and cheerfully the club and the institution. PSG says he wants to sell it, but demanding what nobody wants to pay. In reality, Qatar does not want to sell putting Leonardo in overhang. In short, it's chaos.

The season can lend itself to some doubts, because the Lyonnais surf on novelty and enthusiasm while PSG is weighed down by all kinds of business. First, Paris is used to its business, its bench is supplied and arrivals seem to bring greater quality to turn it. In L1, Lyon can make the sensation with a new state of mind, but the Champions League may draw on energies.

Our opinion : We avoid betting on the winner of the competition. Even if it means putting a pièce, try the big blow with a small bet on Olympique Lyonnais.

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Bet on the L1 winner, without PSG

  • Lyon 1,60
  • Rennes 10,00
  • Lille 11,00
  • Saint-Etienne 12.00
  • Marseille 12,00

On this bet, we turn the scarecrow and in summary, we put on his dolphin. This allows you to level the level to have more interesting dimensions. Lyon arrives on a rating of 1.60 instead of 7 for with PSG taken into account. These dimensions are amazing, because if a rating of 1.60 is not great, when we see that the outsider is reindeer to 10, one can wonder if it is not a gift. For us, there is a chasm between PSG and Lyon and the rest of the American elite. When we see the OM who is dying slowly, that Lille has sold two frames and that the Champions League will arrive, it is difficult to see the Lyonnais not ending in front of a pack which seems not very fierce.

Our opinion : Bet on Lyon for a rating of 1.60.

Bet on: which team will be: placed 1-3

  • Paris SG 1,01
  • Lyon 1,30
  • Rennes 4,50
  • Lille 4,50
  • Marseille 5,00

This bet simply asks to know if a team will finish on the podium, whatever its place on the cube. This bet is interesting for other teams than PSG and OL who are poorly rated. Rennes and Lille are very well sides. Lille will have to face the C1 with two games per week. Rennes plays well and can come to tickle them, but Europa League matches will also be a disadvantage compared to OM which does not play anything in Europe. The dimensions are interesting and we can even take the risk of waiting a little to see the behavior of the teams without them founding. This bet is interesting, but you have to wait a few days before you start.

To conclude, if you are betting on competition, you must think that the more the bettor will wait more the odds will drop as and when Ligue 1 Days. Basically, it's time or never. For us, a maximum of 10 euros is largely sufficient, because this sum is blocked throughout the season. Obviously, if you have a busy account, you can bet more, but above all do not deprive yourself of part of your too substantial bankroll.

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