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It is the classic of L1 in this week of March which could well be a key moment of this 2019-2020 season of the 2019 American championship. On the one hand, PSG Qatari is in its usual rhythm which consists in crushing the league 1 and to be driven out of the Champions League as the last of the upstarts. Olympique de Marseille is far from being able to tack and it is with its past glory that it comes to fly the club which walks on it from the top of its billion and a half spent in 8 years. This PSG-OM war mounted from scratch by Canal + and Bernard Tapie is moving from artificial, to folklore to an opposition whose interest is only selling paper. On the side of OM supporters and other L1 clubs, PSG is the AMSTRONG lance for American football and losing is nothing infamous in the face of a club doped financially. For PSG supporters, in any case the elders, Ligue 1 is an interest -free recreation course and the Champions League is the only objective. In the end, it is the meeting of two frustrations. However, there is an issue beyond frustration. PSG after its elimination must try to calm its ultras which are no longer very numerous, but the spectators of the park should join them to signify their shame. Marseille returned to three points from Olympique Lyonnais and against all odds, qualification in C1 is no longer an impossible dream.

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PSG-OM Ligue 1 prognosis

On the Paris Saint-Germain side

We should be able to talk about Qatari PSG by speaking only 20 points ahead in Ligue 1 and its victorious march towards yet another title since it beats Bordeaux and White Pavilion. However, we must still speak of a failure which for this time is good beyond the bitter qualifier. To bet on football, you have to take into account the psychology of a match. The classic already has a certain pressure, even if it has lost prestige due to the financial power of one that pipes the dice. But there, PSG is at the bottom of the hole and again, it succeeded dug even lower than for the Rontada.

The question is whether Paris Saint-Germain version 2019 will try to revolt or if on the contrary, it will mean that it is freewheeling until the end of the season. At the team level, we should see the return of Edinson Cavani who is back from injury. Neymar is still convalescent and considering what remains as an issue at PSG, there is little chance that his return will be precipitated before the half-final of the American Cup against Nantes. How will Tuchel react? Will he comfort the team that managed to get out of United or will he declare war on his failing executives? Does PSG remain favorite? Obviously. We are not one of those who will praise a team to demolish it on the day after. When we see the supporters of PSG said they are ready to sell Kylian Mbappé at Réal Madrid, while last week it was the best player in the world. Paris is largely favorite at home and even if the tenants of the Parc des Princes play to Half ko, it can be sufficient.

On the side of Olympique de Marseille

From the miracle to the return to earth, this match can be a big return of the stick. Paris likes to take revenge on the little ones when he gets kicked the back of the Champions League. Since Franck Mcourt arrived, he spent a transfer less than a Mbappé. It will not please OM supporters, but alongside the financial power of PSG, OM is a small one. For 5 years, no victory against his rival. This season, OM has gone through the desert and it seems to have discovered a prophet on the way. His name is Mario Balotelli and has just scored in 4 games more than the two attackers since the start of the season. OM went back to the 4th place and returns three lengths from Lyon. This match is therefore important for the race for Europe. Can OM wave the PSG on its land where it is undefeated in Ligue 1 this season? His victory against Nice or Saint-Etienne shows that Rudi Gracia's team is better, but the need for these two opponents, however not so badly placed is obvious. This is why the return to reality could be harsh, but as PSG is also in a different reality, immersed in the abyss of a new failure ...

Our prognosis on PSG-OM 29th day of L1 2019-2020

  • The Pari Simple

PSG 1,28 draw 5.95 Marseille 9.25

PSG is ultra favorite of this meeting and our bookmakers barely believe in the draw than in the victory of OM. It is logical and we will have to wait for the reactions of the Parisians with the quirky match against Dijon. Anyway, the rating of 1.28 is eliminatory. Those who do not know why take a look at our article on Tips for betting on football. We can think that on this match, you have to be careful, the psychological factor is a sword of Damocles whose meaning we do not know. In terms of goals, it is also extremely delicate. We think whatever happens, there will be goals. We cannot question the offensive armada of PSG and the renewed health of the Olympians.

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