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The development of e-game is planetary and its growth is phenomenal. Between e-sport and video game tournaments, there can be hundreds of millions of spectators around the world. From Call of Duty to FIFA, the maniacs of the game handle or the "keyboard/mouse" combo have become professionals in teams sponsored by brands in the sector. We even notice that the sports clubs melt e-sport teams. It is a very special world that must be monitored. If today, bookmakers that offer eSports are counted on the fingers of one hand, none is American, nor accredited by the Arjel. It is certain that when you see the figures, one wonders why betting on e-game is so difficult, seeing impossible in most countries of the world? The entrepreneurs of the Gambling planet are not the type to let a niche also gigantic a niche market. So let's take a look at what could become the new star of Bookmakers and Ligne.

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What is e-sport?

The e-sport is the name of the discipline that brings together matches between players, or between teams, on a video game. Do not confuse e-sport and sports video games or Sports themed slot machines. They are part of the same family as are some strategy or shooting video games. E-Sport, in American, electronic sport is defined as follows: “It designates the practice on the Internet or in Lan-Party of a video game alone, or in a team, through a computer or a video game console. »»

This definition does not make the difference between the amateur world and the professional world. We obviously image that bets on e-sport will be done exclusively during official tournaments with players and semi-pro or professional teams.

What games are available in e-sport?

If today most video games are available in online multiplayer, few are part of the e-sport professional world.

StarCraft 2, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, les séries Call of Duty et FIFA, ShootMania, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, Rainbow Six. StarCraft Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Super Smash Bros, TrackMania Nations ESWC et Quake III Arena.

It is obvious that e-sport can host new games, but it is almost impossible to know which game will become a hit in electronic sport. This is perhaps what brakes on the bookmakers that do not have visibility to invest in bets which can disappear from one competition to another. You also have to find a range of types of bets that adapts to each of the games.

There are characteristics that make it possible to classify games:

  • Dexterity
  • Reaction time, vigilance and precision
  • Team coordination
  • Unique game mechanics
  • "5 minutes to learn, a life to master it"

A game should not check all the boxes, but it is supposed to put highlight one of his characteristics.

For bettors, these will be key points to bet on e-sport.

The E.Sport in USA

L'Hexagon is not spared by the surge. A study has just been published and prejudices are spanked.

The fan of e-Sport, an geek pre-pubescent? Most of those who look at e-sport are 35-49 years old. They represent 40% spectators. The 15-24-year-old class represents only 24% ! In USA, it is estimated that the market weighs $ 30 million and affects five millions of American.

Legislation in USA

Before being able to bet on e-sport, USA had to come out of the e-sport from a gray area which condemned it to be positioned with the online lottery and money games regulated by the arjel.

The law for "a digital republic" is adopted in October 2016 and recognizes the practice of video games in competition for USA, as well as an official status to professional players. This first step is essential for the sector. The IOC has declared e-sport as a sport in its own right. It was even a question of introducing it into the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, but the idea was abandoned in the face of the complexity of the task. Internationally, electronic sport competitions are now under the thumb of the World Anti -Doping Committee. Professionalization is there and it is a good omen for American online bettors. The Arjel is said to be granted the file. Today, bets are rare and the types of bets are so limited that the 1N2 bet and the bet "winner of competition" are the only ones that can be found on some foreign bookmakers ...

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