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It is a new boon for bettors on football or perhaps too much competition. The youngest undoubtedly forgot the cup of the Cup winners and this time when Europe had a prestige and a perfume that the new competitions have completely sanitized. There is no question of falling into the robust "it was better before", but rather of saying that it was another world. A world where Ajax was not looted and could dominate the world with a real philosophy of play. For example. Today, UEFA clearly goes to a closed competition from the richest clubs in Europe. We can no longer speak of "champions" ... Liverpool is the title holder of the Champions League, while the Reds run behind the title of Premier League since 1990! However, in the meantime, this new C1 formula where historic clubs and states clubs will play with their millions, it is necessary to compensate by offering the small nations a few crumbs and creating for them a tailor -made European cup. We will see how this European Cup even more seals the fate of, the fire, the Champions League. Finally, the world of football strangely resembles the functioning of our liberal societies.

UEFA cannot open the Europa League to all winds, the creation of a 3rd European Cup seems to be the solution ... A priori, this League conference should be followed by American online bookmakers. The Arjel must still integrate it into its authorized competitions by 2021, when this first competition will be played. Before giving our opinion on this new fad of European football, let's discover this wonderful gas plant that has made our English friends laugh.

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What is the League conference?

Very simply, this competition will be the youngest of the UEFA keychain. There will be 32 teams divided into eight hens consisting of four teams. The first will be directly qualified for the next round. The second will play a barrage tour against the eight teams eliminated during the round of the Europa League chickens. The meetings will be played between 8 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on Thursday.

The complete table of conference qualifications:

  • Four qualification laps: there will be three qualification laps and a barrage round. The teams will be separated into two parts. The "Champions Way" - the champions of the small championships - and the "main way" for the others. During the 2nd qualification round, the teams released during the preliminaries and the first round of the C1 and the C3 will switch to this competition at that time.
  • The group phase: the format is eight groups made up of four teams with four games. The first group is automatically qualified for the next round.
  • The intermediate barrage tour: this is the turn where the 2nd of the hens and the third -class teams of their groups are found in Uefa europa league.
  • The final round: there are only 16 teams left for the round-trip game phase.
  • The final: the final is played on a field, a priori, neutral, determined two or three years before the final.

For or against the League conference?

Well it all depends on your vision of football, but what is interesting is indeed the meaning that this idea gives to the future of European football.

If you have noticed, a clue is in the previous paragraph: "The champions path - the champions of the small championships".

The Champions League will completely close to all these little clubs that started C1 in July. We can retort that they never reach the group stage. It is certain that by depriving them of this tiny chance, they will never succeed. We see that the monster is underway and that little by little the basics of a closed league - openly, or not, it is to be seen are being built. UEFA uses this cut as a counter argument to show that it also thinks of all the forgotten of football business. The worst part is that championships will even be deprived of Europa League as the Scottish championship. The Europa League will no longer be accessible for the leagues classified below 15th place in the UEFA index.

And for bettors?

For online bettors on football, it will be a new way of betting on a relatively artificial European Cup where the natives could create surprise. It is difficult to see an English club arriving 6th in the preceded season of its championship put this competition before its classification in PL. It is therefore a competition where the dimensions could be more interesting than those offered by the books on the Champions League.
On the other hand, we will have to find out about the small championships. The bettors who are already specialists from the European championships, more exotic than on the 5 major, will have every interest in focusing on this conference League. Afterwards, you can't bet on its longevity, but let's say that you wonder if it will not end quickly like the American League Cup.
We are really in the low-cost spirit: even the poor must consume. Not sure that the broadcasters fully play the game. Bookmakers should still offer minimum visibility even if the first laps will not necessarily be present. The Arjel does not really like the lowest nations meetings, because the risks of corruption would be greater.

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