Top 5 best video poker slots of all time and 2022

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Where your chances of earnings are largely based on chance with slot machines, the video poker allows you to calculate your chances of beating the house. A few decent dimensions, a handful of euros well spent, a well -crafted strategy, and now you have total control over your earnings! And if all the games are not equal in terms of remuneration, the 5 best video poker slots will offer a very high return on investment which should delight the most demanding bettors.

Learn to recognize them, refine your skills and take advantage of your game every time!

How to find the best poker slots videos?

Without a doubt, the best machines video poker will be the simplest to handle, the most immersive and the most profitable. The payment tables vary from one game to another of course, but you will have no trouble finding it at a reimbursement rate of 99%, or even much more!

Based on Reflection and strategy, the poker lets the possibility of massive yields hover provided you choose the slot that will be made for you. The one that will be perfect for your game and you will choose taking into account a few criteria.

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Payment Tables

At the video poker, the payment tables are used to determine the return of your money to each game. Therefore, the higher the number of hands, the more you risk losing your money. So be sure to opt for poker video machines that will offer excellent payment tables.

The redistribution rate

There are machines such as Wild deuces which involve regular payment differences. Or the double double bonus, with which you will focus on Full House and Flush payments. But you have to push the reflection further!

All video poker games have transparent dimensions. In other words, you can calculate your chances of winning and overcoming the advantage of the house.

Video poker or classic poker, each of your games will rest on a set of 52 cards. So you have 1 in 52 chance of obtaining a particular card. 1 in 13 luck to get the number you want and 1 in 4 chance of obtaining a specific color. Starting from there, you will be able to calculate the expected performance of your video poker Slot.

Add the possible results to determine the reimbursement percentage.


The volatile and flexible nature of video poker games is another aspect to take into account when choosing your video poker Slot. It is the frequency of yield that will determine the volatility of a game.

This will be weak if the paid hands are rare, such as on Jacks Or Better and its only Flush Royal fifth. Conversely, to use the example of double-double bonus poker, the game provides you with several very remunerative hands. The Flush Royal fifth but also all kinds of combinations with AS, 2, 3 or 4.

The higher the volatility, the greater the required bankroll. And the more you will need to bet to be part of the winning hands each time.

The strategy

Each game is its strategy and complexity! As A real grinder, be sure to opt for a video poker slot

based on the strategies you master.

Strategy tables generally oscillate a dozen lines up to sixty or more depending on the game and the payment table. The more complicated it will be, the more mistakes will risk being made. And then the casino takes advantage of it!

What are the 5 best video poker slots?

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild takes its name from the special place occupied here by the 2. considered as jokers, you will use them to complete your hand. A variation which offers the game a new dynamic, and which makes the grain the least paying hand. The Flush Royale quinte remains the most played hand, with 800 against 1 in a five -room part.

The RTP of 99.73% eclipses the 99.54% of the gold Jacks of which Deucices Wild is however very close. The hands Full House and Flush report 9/6 for 1 -piece and 45/30 bets for 5 -piece bets.

Jacks or Better

Offered in almost all casinos, Jacks Or Better may not have the best dimensions, but offers a decent reimbursement percentage of 9/6 compared to most games. The 9/6 variant reports 800 against 1 for a Flush royal fifth, and 50 against 1 for a flush fifth by having at least a pair of valets in your game.

Jacks Or Better uses a standard game, without Wild card. The double function will however be available in most variants, allowing lovers to double their profits provided they gather a winning hand. Quite simple rules, perfect for any beginner!

10/7/5 Double Bonus

Pleasant graphics that will add to the pleasure of play, but above all colossal gains, and an RTP as we rarely meet. 100, 17% redistribution rate, just that!

The video poker slot double bonus pays 10 pieces for a full, 7 for a color and 5 for a fifth. Base yourself on the odds, and perfect your strategy!

All Aces

Developed by microgaming, All Aces is rather similar to the double bonus. A little more substantial gains allow it to stand out, with in particular the possibility of pocket 400 pieces for 4 AS.

Particularly remunerative with a 99.92 %RTP, you will have no trouble finding it in all the right online casinos!

Aces or Eight

An essential favorite among video poker slots! Behind its RTP of 99.7%, it offers an average rating of 25/8. Absent from certain online casinos, do not hesitate to opt for one of its variants which will offer you ratings of 20/8 or 25/7.

Take a look at the payment board once again for be sure to make the right choice !

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