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So here you are looking for your bookmaker to put your know -how and knowledge of sport into practice? You're at the right address. We will therefore present you the best online bookmakers offering bets in USA. Discover the best sports betting sites authorized by the regulatory authority for online games, more commonly known as the Arjel. This means that you can play safely and transparently from USA. We have selected for you the best American bookmakers according to specific criteria: security of deposits, quality of the sports offer, depth and level of the ribs, access and mobile applications. Bookmakers are obviously a very important criterion. You will see in our Online sports betting guide that it is advisable to play on several books To obtain a real grid of the coasts which can vary from one sports betting site to another.

Best Bookmakers - September 2022

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In our comparison, you will find, bookmakers and their bonuses for a quick choice. Do not hesitate to read the descriptions of complete bookmakers with the advantages and disadvantages of each of them by clicking on the detailed review. It is up to you to choose and click, according to your expectations, your desires and the bettor you want to be by choosing from our list of bookmakers that we have tested for you:

The best bonus codes of online bookmakers

The welcome bonus allows you to receive a small nest egg, free bets, sports lotos grids when you make your first deposit. Here is the list of the best bookmakers in terms of welcome bonuses offered to those who open a new account! The favorite bonus of online bettors is obviously the first bet reimbursed. There are no less than four online Paris sites offering it. For us, the best comes from Unibet Bookmaker which is the first to our taste:

Unibet Sports betting Offer up to $ 100 on your first bet without result of result! This means that your welcome bonus is on your pocket that you are winning or you lose your first online bet. However, you have to play on a dimension greater than 1.57! Which is quite valid since we constantly recommend in our guide to not play the dimensions below 1.60.

Winamax Bookmaker offers 100 euros reimbursed on your first bet.

Then, this is the first bet reimbursed, but beware, only if it is a loser. If you win your bet, you will not have a welcome bonus. The advice with the following three bookmakers is to play a big side.

Betclic and USA Sports betting, offers you a bet of 100 $ refunded only if you lose.

Bwin offers the same welcome bonus for its online bookmaker section, but it is distinguished with the limit is 107 euros in reimbursement!

The level of Welcome Bonus, the choice is not necessarily easy between the bookmakers we have tested. It's the top of the basket and you will not find better bonus elsewhere:

Online bookmakers; The best odds

This is obviously the crucial question when you have to choose your online sports betting site. It is extremely difficult to share them because the offers not being homogeneous, a bookmaker can stand out on a draw, while the other will put a better rating on the favorite while the last will better rate the outsider. It is for this reason that we advise to do like all pros and therefore have several accounts To juggle between online sports betting sites.

Take the example of the next 8th final of the 2018-2019 Champions League


Manchester United







USA peals
















You notice that there are no size differences between online bookmakers approved by the Arjel. It's logic. The legal imperatives mean that the margin of bookmakers in USA is limited and we find this limit in the dimensions on the different disciplines. So you can sometimes find big differences, but it will be for the ratings that could be described as extravagant on outsiders who have almost no chance.

Our opinion is simple: Take at least two bookmakers, beware of advertisements where books are proclaimed best coasts of the year, you will enjoy two bonuses and a much wider range of coast.

The dimensions do not allow you to compare bookmakers online. The diversity of sports, meetings do not let doubt settle. The best rating is not always in the same place.

The bookmakers that we recommend are the best in USA, but between the leaders, no one is distinguished.

The choice of sports disciplines: the best books

Again the choice is difficult. Arjel, always, authorizes and prohibits disciplines, but also competitions. From there, as Didier Deschmaps would say, bookmakers have a common choice catalog. We are far from English bookmakers that offer to bet on everything and anything.

  • Betclic est an public bookmaker And you will find at home all the gains public sports and disciplines. We note that football is really highlighted with one the big European and world championships.
  • Bwin Bookmaker is a global bookmaker and this allows him to offer bets on the most exotic competitions. The bets on the NBA, American basketball, are particularly neat.
  • Unibet is between the first two. We can notice that rugby and basketball are well supplied with championships throughout the planet.
  • Winamax is the football specialist and he lets him know in particular with a tweeter account of the most aggressive ...

To conclude on this election of Miss Bookmaker USA, it is difficult to make a choice for you. We have two or three accounts as players to always take advantage of the best dimensions. We play, then the marketing side, the funny tweet or the change of logo, we tend to have nothing to do. We would have done this article 10 years ago, we would have had grain to grind, but today the offer of online sports betting in USA is of very high quality and between the best, it is difficult to do A choice engraved in marble. This is why you will rather find a choice of several bookmakers ...

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