How to become a croupier at the casino?

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The crumbling job is rather accessible and allows you to make your passion your job. Becoming a dealer does not require long studies and does not fear unemployment. Casinos around the world find it difficult to find qualified rump. We all have the image of the dealer with phenomenal dexterity in handling tokens and cards. If the image is of Épinal, it is not far from reality. The other advantage is that a dealer can work around the world, since Money games are universal. What is the profession of dealer, how do you become and what are the advantages? Zoom on this profession, not always fun ...

How is the job of a croupier?

The dealer is responsible for the game table on which he officiates. He must ensure that the progress of the game is done in all transparency and especially in all fluidity. He must know how to be present, give life to the table while remaining discreet. He takes the bets, distributes the gains. He must master the process of games, know the rules perfectly, be able to explain them simply to a beginner and know at the tips of the casinotier's processes for which he works.

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Qualities to be a dealer

The dealer is essential to the unfolding of Casino games. If there is no dealer, it is because you are in front of a slot machine. From an incapable presentation, he represents the casino at the table. It must be discreet while making the game table not fall asleep.

There are natural qualities to become a dealer:

The sense of observation and concentration : A dealer cannot afford to be dizzy. He must always know where the game is, which player is still at stake, who has bet. Observation of the dealer is also the first security of the game because it must be attentive to what nobody cheats. A part can last for several hours and you will often see the dealer change around 45 minutes. Most casinos ask their croupiers to rest a quarter of an hour to always stay at the top of its concentration capacity. This natural quality is refined and becomes more constant during the croupier's career.

Psychology : A dealer must be able to hold his table with players who can be frustrated, sometimes rude. If the LiMites of decorum is crossed, he can count on the security service which will gently exclude the indelicate person. The dealer must ensure that all of the players' emotions do not become too invasive in the game.

Know how to count quickly and good: It is an essential quality. A dealer cannot afford to deceive by redistributing gains. It is rather frowned upon and it will necessarily throw suspicion on his neutrality in the game. We are not asking you to be a magician of mathematics, but you have to have a certain empowerment and familiarity with the handling of the figures. During training, techniques are taught to count quickly and well.

Skill and dexterity : These two qualities mainly require training. A dealer could take the tokens one by one that it would not change the game if not its duration. The dealer is part of the’Universe of casinos And in this universe, he must do the show without falling into a magic show.

How to become a dealer in USA?

There are several prerequisites. You have to be of age therefore being 18 years old in USA. The criminal record must be virgin and you must be registered on the electoral lists which implies that you are of American nationality. It is necessary to undergo training. The most famous are those of Aix and that FCC Premier of Aix-en-Provence or the Academy Cerus of Lyon. These training courses being paid, it is possible to bypass the problem by depositing your CV with casinos. You will see if your profile is suitable and if you are selected, the casino will pay you the training in a dealer school of its choice.

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