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In the middle of a boom, eSport continues to be emulated. Whether in terms of player or platform, the sector has literally exploded in recent years and could quickly win in 2022 as one of the most prolific ever known. At least that is what actors like Bayes imagine, zoom in on a company that revolutionizes eSports.

ESPORT A land still virgin

If the madness of eSport is just starting to expose themselves to the general public, the situation could accelerate quickly this year. More and more major players are interested in this sector, a sector that attracts sponsors, as businesses.

Popular with the youngest, attracting an ever larger audience through ever more varied titles, eSport has managed to make its way and settles in the heart of the economic issues of the next decade.

Many American players are also turning to this sector, L', for example, has been offering regular news in the field of esports for a few months. Retransmissions are even on the agenda, proof that even for mass media, eSport is taken very seriously.

But it is indeed on the side of major actors, of those who act in the shadows, that the issues are the most crucial. Indeed, and in recent years, eSports by its sporting and professional character has managed to enter another dimension, that of sports betting.

ESPORT in the Data Market area

In addition to the American sports newspaper, multiple market professionals very quickly smeared the right opportunity. Online Paris sites like BET365 now offer to bet on ESPORT. Regulated online bets that aim for both players and competitions or various licenses. An aspect that places eSports even more in a dynamic and interest sphere.

This sector remains very easily monetizable because the multiple followers remain enthusiasts ready to do anything to support their teams or players, during the various competitions. An essential point that places esports in the same way as the MMA, like the two major winners in sports betting in recent years.

Two young disciplines that attract pure and hard fans, naturally betting and having an opinion and an opinion resulted in still very recent sports, and still having beautiful ratings or opportunities for earnings. It is on this aspect that Bayes Esports plays by attacking the data.

Bayes Esports A major player

The many online Paris sites wishing to offer statistics to their player are now turning to Data suppliers like Bayes Esports. An eSport specialist data broker that allows these sports betting leaders to provide their customers with reliable statistics to bet. Esport therefore enters a new era with actors like Bayes who recover the data, clean them and transmit them to demand to market professionals who transmit them to their client.

Bayes stands out as a changing leader as the demand for data crosses and evolves, but also mute to always be more precise and correlation with the demand of individuals. Individuals that the various sites or platforms manage to hire, to keep, by offering live or not, quality datas, with modern visualizations and adapted to a world in full boom.

Live and monetization

Even more than the provision of data, Bayes allows the various players to retransmit events in statistical version live. An aspect of which many sites are fond of the demand of individuals with this type of direct. Bayes allows the monetization of data via a connection with esport consumer networks. An essential of which Amir Mirazae Le COO is guarantor thinking about a new flight from ESPORT this year.

A year that could be calmer than 2021 according to his words. It must be said that the sector was largely impacted by the cancellation of major events, cancellations that have provided general losses for the entire sector. The one who has licenses of the biggest online games with his partners like League of Legends or Dota2 clearly affirms his desire to go further in Data Market with new licenses on the program. Licenses that they hope to represent more than 90% of the relevant data for professionals or individuals in terms of esports.

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