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It is always the same expectation and the same excitement for a new NBA season. It is the favorite competition for bettors on basketball. This season promises big gains, suspense and perhaps the return of a big franchise at the top. Last year, the Raptors of Torento surprised the whole world by becoming the first American team to win the North American basketball championship. In reality, no one had imagined this team in the final, but the biggest, C 'is good to have seen them beat the big favorite. We will therefore take a little tour in this new NBA season with changes that could upset the hierarchy. And it is in the city of angels that specialists see the clippers deploy their wings. In any case, this season promises to be sublime with great upheavals within franchises. So why not go against bookmakers with a new surprise at the end of the season?

The favorites for the final victory in the NBA 2019-2020

Let's start with the dimensions of American bookmakers.

  • Los Angeles Clippers 4,25
  • Los Angeles Lakers 5,10
  • Milwaukee Bucks 7,00
  • Philadelphia 76ers 8.20
  • Houston Rockets 9,10
  • Golden State Warriors 15,50

The clippers are therefore the favorites at the start of the season. There is an attractive thing in the NBA, it is this uncertainty that makes pretty ratings and beat the thrilling of bettors and fans. We also find the uniqueness of this competition which from one season to another can completely redistribute the cards with its regulations on transfers.

Among the Clippers, we dream of a first NBA title and to emancipate from the shadow of the Lakers. The arrival of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard clearly put the dolphins on the top of the wave. It now remains to show that these colossal reinforcements will be able to be decisive this season. Kawhi Leonard, reigning champion with the Raptors, is the key player. In the odds, we see directly that his transfer makes any teams any team and the clippers, the expected team. It's the NBA, individual talent has more than the team. Lakers are still there and we can say that Los Angeles will experience a star war. With the arrival of Davis, LeBron James receives a heavyweight to get the title. Lakers are to follow for combined bets for example and for bets on the play off.

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NBA bets on individual awards

Do not forget other possible bets over the season.

Individual awards are as important as the title in the career of an NBA player.

  • MVP: Best player of the season
  • Coach of the Year: season coach
  • Defensive Player of the Year The best defender of the season
  • Sixth Man Award: Best 6th Man
  • Most Improved Player: the greatest progression at N -1
  • Rookie of the Year: the best hope of the season

Yes, it's in English. If you want to bet on the NBA, you still have to have minimum bases in the Shakespeare language. These categories make legends and careers. It is difficult to find the odds on bookmakers that are rather waiting for the middle of the season to offer them. It must be said that we write this article before the first games. To make a list, the bookmakers must have some visibility to limit the names and the odds. We can say that the victory of the Raptors scalded the bookmakers who have not seen him coming and who had to pay very big ratings. We can think that this year, they will be more careful.

NBA bets by conference

For those who start on online bets on the NBA, you should know that the League is organized at the East West Conference. But often, we forget a major factor to optimize your bets. The conferences are itself classified as a division:

  • Atlantic division winner
  • Central division winner
  • Pacific division winner
  • Northwest division winner
  • Southwest division winner
  • Southeast division winner
  • Conference winner is
  • Western conference winner

American bookmakers offer to bet on the winner of each division. The teams are fewer, the choice easier and the odds correct.

Bookmakers promotions for NBA 2019-2020

Some American bookmakers Offer bonuses and promotions on the NBA and sometimes on betting on the whole basketball. Back to school of American stars is an opportunity to enjoy it.

  • On the Bokmaker Bwin: the Basket Buy Buy Refunded

This promotion runs throughout the year throughout the Bwin basketball selection. The player can recover 50 % of his bet, limited to 20 euros, on a combined bet of four selections minimum if it is lost due to a spurred selection. The minimum rating of the combined bet is 2.00.
It is a promotion that allows you to get your hands on basketball and on combined bets.

On the Bookmaker Betclic: US Mission

From October 28 to November 3, 2019, you can enjoy a special bonus on American sports with obviously the NBA. For basketball, you have to bet on the Type of Paris Basket NBA which concern a particular player like the number of points scored for example. If the bettor manages to win at least three over the week, it earns 10 euros without condition. During these two weeks, a general classification is set up and the best bettor on American sports can win 500 euros. The first 20 places are chargeable.

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