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The Plays-Offs are launched, but theactu far from circles is just as hectic only for this first round. The waltz of coaches, the resignation of a basketball giant, the departure of a legend and perhaps a Other, and the president of the NBA Who wants a revolution in the American championship ... everything that should not escape you on American basketball !

Coach NBA : an increasingly precarious

on said precarious, but we all want precarious dollars. The Lakers did A PSG. With the arrival of Lebron James, you could expect everything, but not an outing before the Plays-Off. The Lakers therefore dismissed their coach with the usual formula "by mutual agreement". Walton is therefore the victim of this catastrophic season of Lakers. Even though Lebron James was injured for a long time, the team was in under everything. Luke Walton held the whole season, but in the end, he finished dismissed and perhaps the resignation of its president, Magic Johnson, precipitated his fall. He nevertheless received the support of his players who wanted to recall that he never had his full five adults in hand. Tyronn Read would be one of the favorites. Having been the coach of Lebron James at Cleveland perhaps a little extra decisive. In the Sacramento King, Dave Years of age was fired after three seasons and a place at the last. It is however the best season of the king since 2006. To tell you the truth, the game of the King was rarely so good and we thought that Dave Years of age was on the right track. We suspect enmities with the direction of the franchise of Sacramento.

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Career ends in this 2019 season

There are seasons like that where we take a stroke of old. Two legends , And maybe three, will leave the planet basketball.

Dirk Nowitzki put an end to his career after 21 seasons with the Dallas Mavericks. Only European player to have won the title best -player of the season, he won a title NBA in 2011. 21 seasons for the Wunderkind And statistics that make it one of the greatest players in history. A page turns to Dallas.

Dwin Wade also announces the end of his career. It was April 6. You could expect it, but it's weird to see again A legend leave the parquet floors of the NBA. 16 seasons, three titles NBA,undefinedandundefinedMVP title of the finals... Two Wade with 25 points at 10/28 including 3/13 to 3-pts, 11 rebounds and 10 passes ends with a marvel of career brilliantly. It will still make one player less for bettors on American basketball.

NBA, Towards the Revolution?

If the president of the NBA had been bitten by the same fly as his alter-ego of the president of European clubs. He declares :

"On the one hand, I am a traditionalist, but on the other hand, the format we have at the moment with 82 regular seasonal matches, at 50 and there is nothing magic. It's our role to us, leaders of the NBA, To always think about how we are doing things, to be attentive to changes in viewers' and sports sector, new ways that the media is now presented with smaller devices and people including l'Attention changes quickly. »»

We know that American basketball has been made to make the show. Rules, playing time and all that means that bid on The NBA is different than betting on European basketball. Again, business, because when he talks about fans, they speak of sorrel, will therefore be at the heart of the changes in an institution. The fans Football know how it can completely distort a sport. The New Champions League formula football seems to be the black star of the Galaxy Football and unfortunately the Jedis seem very fragile to face the Empire of the money. And it was not we who made the link between football and NBA, But well Adam Silver who evokes the various football competitions on the season .... except that football is walking on these old ideas and that it is difficult to see a Champions League in NBA, Because it is a closed league ...

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