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Everything happens and even the return of the NBA which will play its 2020 playoffs in the middle of the covid pandemic in a torn America. "Show must go one" as Freddy Mercury sang. While waiting for the playoffs, you have to end the season. After 143 days without basketball, the NBA had to find a new formula, because it was impossible to catch up with lost time. We come back to the changes to understand well and therefore bet on the best basketball league of the world.

NBA 2020: the dates

For this post covid season, only 22 teams were invited to join Orlando to play these meetings. Each team will have to play 8 seasons. These matches will end on August 14, 2020. The NBA playoffs will start on August 18 with the first round. The second round will start on September 1. The conference finals will take place on September 15, 2020 and the final will start on September 30 to end, in the event of a match 7, on October 12. The bettors will have to note its exotic dates while remaining vigilant, because the pandemic is far from finished in the US and changes can still come upset this calendar.

NBA 2020: the formula

We can reassure ourselves everything will be as before if we forget the regular regular season. From the playoffs, meetings will be able to play in 7 games as well as the final. The biggest change is obviously the place of these matches. To avoid taking unnecessary risks, meetings will no longer be played outside and at home. All teams will be placed in an ultra secure bubble to avoid the risk of contamination. Disney World in Orlando will receive all these beautiful people. For bettors, we will have to forget a major criterion of Paris on the NBA playoffs. We will see later the consequences of these matches on neutral land without public.

How to bet on this NBA 2020 new formula?

We can say that the NBA does not escape the great upheavals of other sports, but it managed to best manage the impoundes of the coronavirus to offer playoffs that do not overcome habits too much. If we think of the Champions League for European football, bettors on basketball are preserved. The NBA does not betray itself. The greatest difficulty is to estimate the influence of matches on neutral field. Statistically, bettors know that home teams are more likely to win. There, everyone is 50-50. One may wonder if the psychological factor will be less important and that the difference will not only be done on the quality of the basketball offered. You have to expect to bet on safe blows and avoid playing too big on surprises.

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The ratings of conference winners

At present, these are the only dimensions available on the competition. We notice that online bookmakers take no risk.

Winner of the conference is

  • Milwaukee Bucks 1,48

  • Philadelphia 76ers 8.50

  • Boston Celtics 7,00

Western conference winner

  • Los Angeles Clippers 2,55

  • Los Angeles Lakers 2,25

  • Houston Rockets 7,00

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