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Star of casinos, land and virtual, this game of chance invented in the 17th century has continued to conquer the hearts of the players. On the one hand, the ease of the rules of this game and its refined image on the other, made Baccara one of the most popular games in the casino. And above all, let's not forget the glory that the saga of films of the most famous of secret agents: James Bond. Indeed, not a film of the famous 007 where we do not see him playing in Baccara!

However, despite its letters of nobility, the Baccara is radical. As you will see in the rest of this article, the rules are so simple that novice as confirmed players are likely to win. Of course, you can also make sure you never lose by taking note of certain game techniques and strategies. But before entering the more complex strategies, discover in this file the basic rules of this noble game.

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How to play real money at Bacarra online

To play real money at Bacara, you have to open an account in real mode in one of the online gaming rooms that we offer in our Casino section. Why ? Well simply because we have tested them carefully for you and they have all the necessary guarantees and the transparency of the games so that you can play it in peace. These online casinos all offer tables, live casino and regularly Bacarra tournaments. Take advantage of Welcome Bonus To play in real money, but still free because it is offered by the casino. It is still a way to play for free and thus see the differences in virtual game or in real. Registration is fast. Just fill out a form, make a deposit and validate your players' account. Wait for the green light from your casino to pocket your bonus. You enter the world of online game with hundreds of games available. Go to the table game lobby where the Bacarra tables are located.

Follow the rules of Baccara!

The Baccara is part of what is called to casino, table games, and is played with cards and the help of a dealer. This game with extremely simple rules is available online on all existing online casino. Some casinos even offer different variants of the famous card game. Although it is a game of chance there are different methods and techniques in the baccara to maximize the risk of losses and allow the player to make the most of his online gaming experience. You will find in this file absolutely everything you need to know about the Baccara.

  • Baccara game rules
  • Baccara strategies
  • Baccara variants
  • Baccara tournaments

The Baccara: a prestigious casino game ... but yet simple!

The Baccara is a game of chance that is played around a table with cards. The bets are taken by a dealer using two game mats. In a word the goal of the game is simple: managing to combine a sum of 9 using the cards in hand.

The only thing you need is ... to know how to add two simple numbers! Playing online baccara does not really differ from baccarat games on land casinos.

The online baccara is therefore also made up of two game mats, one for the dealer (which represents the "bank" during the game) the other for players as well as several card games.

The goal of the game is to accumulate a total of 9 points thanks to the value of the cards distributed by the dealer. This online card game is therefore an extremely simple game to assimilate and play.

Playing online baccara allows you to have a good time on the internet while having the opportunity to win beautiful sums.

If you want to try your luck in this game or just try to play baccarat on the Internet without having to take risks, we recommend that you test the game with many online casinos that offer to play Baccara for free on the Internet.

The baccara is played out as well in electronic mode as in mode Casino live With a dealer!

How to play Baccara?

The Baccara game rules are relatively simple. As we said before the goal of the game is to make cards distributed by the dealer the best game prognosis, that is to say the sum of the value of the two cards in hand is closest to number 9 .

How it works? The basic principle of the baccara is as follows: the dealer distributes two cards to each of the players as well as himself. Each card has its own value. Thus the cards 2 to 9 keep their numerical value, on the 10th, the king, the lady and the valet are worth 0 and the ace is worth 1. in the case where the sum of the values of the two cards is greater than 10 we do not take in consideration that the value of the unit figure.

Tips for playing online at Bacarra in real money

The rules do not change from its virtual money version. The difference in size is that you play real money. And this change will make you discover the real game of the Bacarra. His adrenaline, her decision -making, her strategies. In short, you will rediscover this card game with the stake. Defeats and victories will have a particular taste. You will weigh each action, you will know the doubt, the unanswered questions and the adrenaline climb when you will discover your cards and those of the dealer. The emotional elevator with the limbo of defeat and the peaks of joy ... In short, the life of the Bacarra player! To understand this new challenge, you will have to learn patience and choose one of the three strategies that we recommend here:

Patience should allow you to avoid a common error in many beginners at card games: do not play wrongly and through. You have to learn to throw your hands. In front of you, you will oppose the bank which she knows the game perfectly. Do not wait for an error on her part. The bank will not make game mistakes as you could do like going on a too weak hand and bet on Lady luck to win. Now that you play Baccara with your bankroll, you have to play just and always bet by minimizing the impact of luck as much as possible.

Be the protector of your bankroll. This advice is all the more useful if you plan to register for real money Bacarra tournaments. Do not bet above your means and estimate the number of hands that you can play with your bankroll. Better to play cautiously to play big when you have a strong hand to allow you to take the risk. Caution is necessary especially if you are a beginner, not an Bacarra, but if you discover the real money games.

Learn to be aggressive at the right time! The Bacarra will put your nerves to the test, but you will have to know how to impose yourself to challenge the dealer. In tournament, it's a way to pass the rounds at the top of the ranking and have a little generosity to try blows. To be aggressive is not to throw yourself into the mouth of the wolf. To be aggressive is to play with strength your powerful hands without being afraid of losing. The fear of losing is also an enemy to fight. It can make you tilter by playing anyhow or you let your nails worse instead of sending.

You will have to be an observer and responsive. Observe how other players play, with which they play and how the bank reacts. Adapt your game and be quick to go from defensive to the offensive.

Baccara variants

Whether you are a follower of terrestrial casinos or online casinos, Baccara is a game of chance which, like many, can present itself under different variants. If you want to vary the pleasures while continuing to bet on this game that you are passionate about know that the choice is great!

Between the “railway”, the “Punto Banco”, the “mini baccara”, the “Bancara in the bank” and the “super pan nine”, you have not arrived at the end of the possibilities and the different online casinos provide you with long hours of pleasure by playing your Favorite online game. To learn more about these game variants we invite you to consult the list of variants in the baccara and their rules of the game.

Let us also recall the Live baccara Which is played live from casinos or game studios, with a real dealer and real -time interactions ...

Baccara strategies

The online baccara being a game of chance it is impossible to predict that it will be the outcome of the game. On the other hand, over the years, experienced players, expert in the matter have set up certain strategies to try to have a head start or even put more likely in order to win the game.

One of the important factors to take into account is that the advantage of the house is often important, and what you wanted to play baccara on the Internet or that you go into a terrestrial casino. To help you put the odds on your side to thus perform a maximum of earnings we have conducted our survey and grouped for you the best Baccara strategies as well as certain important advice.

Live Baccarat or Baccara live

With your real player account, you will give another dimension to your online Bacarra games. The web casinos offer a live casino lobby. The principle is simple. You connect to a live table with a real croupier who plays live. This is all the more interesting for the Bacarra since you face it in this game. Live Baccara tables have many live statistics and gadgets like certain tables that offer you 6 cameras on which you can zap in order to change points of view. A cat allows you to chat with the other players in the table. You will be in the conditions of a real casino at a Bacarra table without moving from your home. Bluffing.

Baccara tournaments

Like many casino games, when you bet, bet or play online, you have the possibility, unlike terrestrial casinos, to participate in tournaments. Many casinos regularly offer tournaments in Baccara. Tournaments are a good way to generate significant gains, much more substantial than in a normal part.

As you know we regularly update the list of online casinos that we believe to be the best, whether for the quality of the games they offer but also for their seriousness, their responsiveness to your requests.

Play for free at Baccara

Have you read the basic rules of Baccarat? Have you already played there but are not yet confident enough to play online in real money? So much the better! Most online casinos offer Baccara Games free as a demonstration. You will be able to familiarize yourself with this card games and bet without engaging your money and therefore without losing it!

Here, you now have an overview of the world of online baccara, nothing now is impossible ...

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