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Average User Rating:
RTP : 96.5%
Payment lines: 25 payment lines
Rolls: 3-5 rolls

Aliens by Nettent

With Aliens Slot, the Net Entertainment publisher remains faithful to its tradition by offering a video slot machine with innovative features and game modes. Each advertisement of Net Entertainment is still asking as much impatience and excitement in aware players that its slot machines generally go out of the ordinary.

Netient aliens: a futuristic atmosphere

The aliens film which is inspired by the graphic theme of this 3D slot machine was released in 1986. Many suites have emerged since, but the Alien universe has remained more or less the same. Once in front of his screen, the player is directly plunged into space and the dominant green color undoubtedly recalls the hostility of the film environment.

The graphical interface is arranged like the cockpit of a futuristic vessel and the call for travel is quickly felt. The player then feels ready to navigate for long games in a very rich interface in detail, but which is ultimately easy to decipher. The musical atmosphere fits perfectly with the theme chosen by online casino game software publisher, Nette with a well -composed soundtrack that focuses on intensity.

The symbols of aliens represent the monsters of the Aliens saga. Each monster is therefore represented in the form of a portrait. Those who have already seen the film will easily recognize them. They are quite well differentiated which excludes any risk of confusion.

Their value increases according to the maturity of the monster presented in portrait. Thus, an alien egg has the smallest value while the final monster holds the highest value. A row system is displayed at the bottom left of each icon to know the value of the symbol. Aliens Slot has a Wild symbol that replaces all the others. This wild can only appear on rolls 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the basic game mode, while it will be present on all the rolls during a free spins part, that is to say in free towers .

Aliens: an adventure with various game modes

Aliens Slot offers 3 rows of 5 rolls for a total of 15 payment lines. The player will have to expect a conventional game mode as well as 2 bonus game modes.

The conventional game mode was baptized The Search. It is played on the 3 rows of 5 rolls. Its originality lies in the presence of an alien activity line of 9 squares above the interface.

Each winning combination obtained will allow you to fill a box of this activity line. Thus, winning 3 yellow monsters leads to the filling of the first 3 boxes from the left. The symbols represented there are obviously those of the yellow monster.

A multiplier is added to this symbol for its future appearances. The multiplier can evolve from 2 to 4. To do this, the winning combination of this symbol must reappear. In the event that a new symbol is winning, the leftist symbol among the 9 is deleted and its bonus will decrease.

The new winning symbol will then take place in the Alien activity line as many times as it is fired in the rolls. Once the 9 boxes are completed with symbols, a free spin will be offered and the first bonus game mode called The encounter will activate.

The encounter is a free spin mode. The number of these free spins is determined by the number of ammunition or "ammunition" of which the player has. The latter embodies a soldier here who must advance in a corridor and eliminate the aliens.

Thus, the player begins with 1 ammunition at the bottom right of the screen and an alien activity line extended to 10 locations.

To obtain a free spin, the player will have to align at least 3 identical symbols on the 1time row. The winning symbol will then be illuminated and its multiplier activated on the gains.

At the end of each free spin, a fight against a monster takes place. This fight begins with an ammunition spin during which the player can win up to 2 ammunition or none. Each ammunition makes it possible to push the monster away from the player.

In order to go to the second bonus game mode, you will have to succeed in pushing 10 monsters. Otherwise, if the player lacks ammunition, the game will return to the basic mode.

The last bonus game mode is called The Hive. This is the most gains offering mode. It takes place on 2 rolls only.

The play principle is quite simple here. A monster is represented by a 60 -point health bar at the top of the interface. 4 steps are also displayed and cross by the subtraction of 15, 30, 45 or 60 points of life in the faced monster.

The fight begins with 4 ammunition representatives 5 grenade throws and 5 Granada multipliers.

Each pomegranate develops a force of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 while the multiplier has for values 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10.

The first roller is initiated in order to define the force of the grenade, then the second roller will attribute a multiplier to this force. A force of 3 combined with a multiplier of 6 will lead to a total blast of 24 points.

On the 5 throws, the player will have to total 60 points of life in order to defeat the final monster and pocket the jackpot. However, more modest gains are granted in the event of a defeat and will depend on the last step.

Aliens slot in figures

Aliens Slot offers a redistribution rate 96.40% for volatility that could be assessed to be average.

The progressive jackpot is not available, but the maximum jackpot that can be won is 1000 times its bet.

The value of the minimum bet is 0.01 $ and 150e for maximum bet.

Aliens Slot is available on PC, Mac and all Android or iOS mobiles.

An autoplay function is also present.

Aliens de Net, an experience to live

Aliens Slot is a real extraterrestrial in the world of video slots.

The originality of its gameplay combined with its evolutionary interface provides a much closer experience to an adventure game than a slot machine.

However, Aliens Slot is indeed a virtual slot machine whose existence alone brings a revival to the genre and seduces players in search of both gains and originality.

The subtle mixture created by Net Entertainment is really worth dwelling in despite the relative complexity of the rules of play.

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