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Online bets have become the standard of bettors. Success for a few years is unprecedented. In addition to having dried up the request of the traditional sports lotto who had the monopoly before the legalization of online bookmakers, online bets have won tens of thousands of new bettors. We can obviously talk about advertising, more or less disguised, which has invaded daily newspapers and emissions from specialized radios. However, the engine of this dazzling growth is well in the quality of the offer. The success of online bets is due to a Kyrielle of advantages that we will present to you in this article.

Advantage of online bets: ease

This is, I think the number 1 advantage of online bets. This is where we want when we want. Before, you had to fill your grid in the tobacco office or in a bar. The bettors had to move and adapt to the schedules of the point of sale. Online bets have repealed time and distance. Today, bookmakers all offer apps for smartphones (iOS and Android). It is therefore possible to bet from everywhere as long as a 4G or 5G connection allow you to join your favorite bookmaker. The ease, it is also the handling of the services of the bookmakers. It is child's play. Navigation is simple. It only takes a few bets to have the impression of betting for years. In addition, bookmakers more or less use the same charter. This normalization makes it possible to juggle without problem between the bookmakers to have the best odds.

Online bookmaker advantage: bonuses

Online sports betting sites all offer bonuses to attract new bettors. Welcome bonuses allow you to bet for free. Bookmakers offer reimbursed bets. The first bet is reimbursed. For some, it is unconditionally. For others, the bet must be losing. Throughout the sporting year of the many bonuses are offered like free bets, gifts, super jackpots ... Betting online, it's enjoying War between bookmakers Who compete to offer the best bonuses and the most generous promotions to attract and keep the bettors in its community.

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Advantage for online bettors: the choice

It is undoubtedly the greatest revolution that the American bettors were able to live. They went from betting on football to betting on more than twenty disciplines. Bets were limited to 1N2. Today, bettors have the choice between hundreds of different Paris on certain matches. The offer has exploded and yet the Arjel limits the disciplines, competitions and types of bets enormously. Today, the offer depends on the media coverage of sport. the football is the basis of all online Paris sites. On average, it's 95% of bets! For football, the offer is Dantesque. Major competitions in the Brazil or Poland championship, it is possible to bet on football all year round. If football is the most followed competition, bettors can bet on amazing disciplines such as billiards or on mechanical sports. In the end, we can say that before there was not of choice and that today there are almost too much. It is precisely to help the players that we created a complete guide for bettors: the details of the competitions, advice for betting like a pro, the types of betting by competition and all our forecasts and our advice.

Advantage of online bets: the choice of dimensions

Before, there was no choice of side. The bettors were forced to choose the only authorized operator without the possibility of bypassing the law through a VPN. . Competition today means that ratings are also the nerve of war. Bookmakers are trying to offer competitive dimensions. To bet like a pro, that is to say try to earn a little money, so it is necessary to Have an account on several online bookmakers. The idea is to be able to juggle between the different sites to always enjoy the best dimension. This may seem trivial for a few decimal differences, but a good bett sees in the long term. And a few decimals in a season can make a bettor in profit or loss. Registration is easy. You have to be of age and make a minimum deposit between 10 and 20 euros depending on the site. As the adage says, "you must not put your eggs in the same basket". By opening several accounts, a player benefits from more bonuses, more promotional offers, more odds ....

Major advantage of online bookmakers: live bets live

It is a great revolution that has changed the situation for many pro bettors. Live bets simply bet on a meeting that is underway. At first, the offer was limited and the technology was not really developed. The lives live were badly seen by the players. It was difficult to bet live without having lags or dimensions changed or unavailable before having time to bet. Today, bookmakers have created a very efficient specific app. It is therefore possible to bet easily and live without being limited by faulty technology. This option is much appreciated, because it allows you to bet according to the events of the match without having to anticipate them. It is an exercise in style because you have to know the discipline, be lively and fast on your smartphone. Live bets are often accompanied by legal streaming matches, especially for tennis. For example, it is possible to look at the entire Wimbledon tournament for free on Unibet Sport online.

We can talk about the advantages of online bets, but in reality, there is no equivalent in points of sale!

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