Texas Hold'em Poker: Triple Barrel Strategy

This strategy at POKER is a movement that requires certain knowledge of online poker. It is a knowledge that one could also qualify as triple barl: knowledge of the game, knowledge of your game and knowledge of adversity. If the name is impressive and will make class during your poker discussions with the friends, understanding this move poker will not ask you to have done an engineering school or khâgnes, but experiment will ask you and a Happy reading of the game of your opponents. The trip-barrel bluff means in our language, the three cartridge bluf. Here is a move that smells good the saloon and the distant west. This strategy can be described as ultra aggressive, a good man tactic with profession or perhaps that of a young daring beginner who will sparks at online poker tables? The bluff is undoubtedly the most powerful myth of poker. It is due to the cinema which very overplayed this scene, but in reality it is a trap with Fish. So this triple barrel bluff and three more dangerous, as if you were playing with dynamite. On the other hand, if you use it wisely, you will make a carnage at your poker table.

Zoom on the triple barrel bluff

The triple barrel bluff is simple. You have to bet each turn: flop - turn - river. You have to be considered the aggressor each turn. This ultra aggressive strategy begins with the pre -flop after having to rob your hand. Obviously, we use strong terms to make it clear that this MOVE is one of the most aggressive of your future panel, but we do not play cowboys! We therefore come to the ideal situation pure it. To make the triple barll bluff, you must have a deep stack so that you can make big stake without finishing in a carpet or more simply without risking the exit on this move. You must therefore take into account your stack and your position. The ideal profile to whom this bluff is different from the usual profile. You are often told to seek the aggressive playing that is wide. For this bluff, it is better to avoid the profile that will follow or relaunch you and maybe make you a triple barrel bluff without knowing it. For this bluff we will look for the smart player who knows the game and who is thinking about his opponents. And this is where it is beautiful and full of plume since you will have to tell a story to your opponent so that he would sleep his strongest hands. You have to drop big hands with your very small hand because your opponent will doubt your first revival, be surprised on the second and freak out on the 3rd. If your story therefore your way of betting leads it to enter your spiral, you will lead him to the fold.

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How to properly lead your bluff in triple barell

This bluff is therefore super dangerous. Poorly controlled, he can fart you on the nose. Too often led, it can fart you on the nose. Well conducted, you are not safe that he farts in the nose. It is therefore an additional card to your poker player strategy that must be used sparingly when you have the perfect stack and target. It's already good. Then the flop must be with you. If the flop looks closely or far from connected cards, we stop. Too dangerous. Unless of course you have touched, but in these cases, it is no longer a bluff. You must therefore start from the principle that your opponents have better hands than you. In these cases, they will look for small intermediate cards or small pairs. So be careful in their ways of responding to your aggressiveness, always controlled. The players were attacked in a pre -flop so he thinks you have a big game, like pair dressed. So they will chase you on the flop with big game. And that's where you can continue your Strategy.

Bluff a Triple Barrel: Turn a River

The turn will be the key moment of your triple barll bluff. To send your 2nd cartridge .. note that it is not because you have fired once you have to shoot twice and then a 3rd. It's not the NRA! If you see cards that make a pair with the FOP, catch up, this cartridge will serve you for another moment. If a dressed card comes out, it's a good thing. By pulling your 2nd cartridge, the player will think that you have just touched. The higher the card, the higher it is in the flop, the better for you. You must therefore continue to tell your story and relaunch on cards that confirm your story. It's a crucial moment because passing the turn is expensive and you still have to lengthen on the river and without snaping knees.

The river or the last cartridge.

As with previous towers, watch the strong cards that complement a draw. On the other hand, a card with greater value than those already fallen will still serve your story!

Bluff in triple barl: And luck in all of this?

This strategy is based on the bluff and therefore you necessarily take the risk that your opponent is touching. And as the day of day is in three strokes, you take it all the more risk. The triple barll bluff therefore asks to know how to tame the luck by reading the game game, but also that of adversaries. This MOVE is therefore not recommended for players with a little experience, but beginners can try it and train on the poker tables in virtual silver in the rooms rooms. And one last thing, never show your cards when you try this kind of blow. Be humble, keep your plume to retry it another time ...