Texas Hold'em Poker - Strategie

Texas Hold'em - la technique du check and raise

This is undoubtedly one of the poker techniques that you will almost naturally do before knowing its name. And then after a few disappointments, you are here to understand and learn the finesse of Chech and Raise in Texashhold'em. We will start here with the principle that you master the basics of the most played poker in the world, and if this is not the case go to our guide you poker To discover the bases of the Hold'em or the Omaha. This obvious movement is however a small atomic bomb with sometimes unhappy, sometimes disastrous consequences.

If a good poker player tells me that the check and raise is a real "move" which requires control and that in no case is a natural movement, he will be right. Truth is not a right line. Imagine at a table, in head to head-you have the strongest hand so you are stamunal, raises, flop. And every time your opponent sets. The frustration of not optimizing the gains will start to appear at the bottom of a synapse. Let's start from the postulate that you master the art of bet and that you do not act your opponent with too strong bets the idea of ​​not announcing your good hand and checking will come to you quickly. This technique can trust your opponent who with an average game may relaunch believing that your check means that you have nothing very powerful or simply go to the turn. The turn, the turning point and sometimes the moment where the check and raise will come back to you like a boomerang. This is precisely where the good player intervenes and says to you "No, small, we do not use the check n for any way in the Hold'em! We will explain the advantage of this technique, its limits and how to put it in place without being spotted by the whole table and its surroundings.

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The conditions for making a check 'n dans poker Texas Hold'em

  • You have to be the first to speak.

  • There should not be too many players still on track unless you have a monster in your hands.

  • The player you do with it must be an aggressive player. If he is a player who plays tight, he will follow your checks to the river even if it means taking only the bets.

  • Be careful not to overwhelm: you will do the move for nothing, since you will scare your opponent who can read your move.

  • Adapt it too, are, to the game. If you check out and you will get a praise on an ace, the player may think that you are simply betting on this AS. There he goes to bed.

I think you see why this move is considered a powerful move that you have to know how to maneuver with fingering.

When the check 'n raises parts

Maybe that does not happen to the pro, but for us here, it is the major risk of the Raise check.

A basic principle of poker for beginners is to take the pot as quickly as possible. And when you make a Raise check, you offer the opponent the possibility of going to see the next hand for free. And there believe me or not, it is the feast of the slap .. because for a beginner, the major error, whatever the blow, is the bad estimate of the hands and the probabilities. This is why it is essential when we play this strategy of having a strong hand. A small pair puts you in danger. The golden rule is not to make a check n for a small hand! Your hand must be strong enough not to fear the turn or the river.

When doing the check 'n raises at the poker Texas Hold'em

We don't make a check in a flop. It does not make sense. Even if you have a pair of ace, better hand of the game, flop it loses its value. The flop is the best time to make your check rais. 60 % of the game is ahead of you. Check and wait for the stimulus, and send before the turn. The turn is a more delicate moment. Your opponent will see if his hand has consolidated. If you make him, a raise he will go to bed. What is not a bad move, if you have pushed it to the flop. And obviously, don't do it all the time, you're going to be burned by a good player and it will turn your strategy against you.

Against who to do the check 'n rais?

Do not play on play against tight players or those who obviously chase the bets. The two ideal victims are aggressive players and those who practice BET continuation (those who put in preflop and flop). The premeir will attack you and fall into the trap and the second will bet on your flop check.

The check n raises, it is also bluff

Do you know the myth of the bluff in the cinema where the player goes to the carpet with nothing at all when his opponent will throw his fifth flush royal - we exaggerate) pain - because he gets bluffed? Obviously, it never happens; Finally Yes. When you start and think that the guy opposite is a moron. And you will stop when you have understood that it's Cretin. And there comes the real bluff, the one who is orchestrated, planned, hypnotizing, technical and strategic. The check n raises is bluff! This movement is in a way the stammering of the smart bluff in poker. It is a school excellence to go even further, once of course. Once you manage to make a good check for families properly, you may say "and if I made one to make believe that I have a crazy game ....",

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