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Football al dente

Those who are under 20 do not know what American football is. Under 30? In the 1990s, that was what was called calcio. The English Premier League did not yet exist, the Spanish Liga was touched in the sun, the American first division was much above today's level and at the top, you had the A series. It was better before? Before the Bosman judgment, before the clubs were nationalized by dictatorships, forgiveness of the Emirates, when football was not only business, statistics, stadium without ultra ... No, it was not better before, let's leave Winning by the Orwellian concept of "progressivism". Do you find that I slip? Not at all, you see ... Understanding the Serie A, betting on the series A is to understand its history, the mysteries, the intestine struggles which make football a vector of the anger of the people, the northern cleavage/ South, but also a political between neo fachists descendants of Mussolini and the sons of "Bella Tchao". If by reading this the title of this revolutionary song, in short, you thought of Maître Gims, go out on the field! Serie has a lot like football in Argentina. You could say that football there is a social fact when with us, it becomes more and more a commercial fact. It will change what to our bets, our bets, the types of betting. Because all his stories, it works for tifossia, but the players don't care ...

Betting on series A: presentation of the American football championship

Serie A is the elite of American football; Made up of 20 teams, it is classified 3rd in the UEFA ranking of the national championships. The last three descend into Serie B, the first 4 are automatically qualified for the Champions League chickens and the 5th and 6th for the Europa Lleague. Turin Juventus is the most titled club with 34 Scudetto! In Europe, it is 12 Champions Leagues, 7 Cups of the Cups and 9 Europa League.

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The series A: Understand the new deal

Bet on the series A Today, it is not to bet on yesterday's. Important Lapalissade because today the series A is changing and gradually recovers from a crisis that has laid it on his knees and demoted in 3rd place in European football. When you love football, you like the history of football. So when we say Milan AC, it's a thrill for a giant. Except that today in 2018 and basically for ten years, the giant is no longer afraid to anyone. We often tell you in these articles on football competitions "don't bet on names". This is particularly true for USA. Only Turin Juventus remains on the three historicals. AC Milan and Inter Milan are in reconstruction with new foreign investors. Today, the only club that stands up, as much as doing this little, on the eve lady, nickname of Juve, is Napoli. The Serie A went from a hyper competitive championship to a championship where the title seems to be played in advance. If Juventus of Turin is not in a only financial domination, but it can afford to buy a Cristiano Ronaldo anyway or a Higuain at 100 million euros. On the other hand, the series A is far from being moribund as some would make us believe. We have already told you wary of football specialists who sell a product more than a reality.

The promoted teams are not necessarily welcome and there seems to be a real gap between the clubs of the American elite and the elite of the series B. The series A is therefore more disjointed than in the past and if we put On the Juve side and to a lesser measure Napoli, the consistency between the following teams is not there. We still notice a slight better for 'Inter Milan. Another important point is to forget the clichés of American football that its last seasons are exploding. In addition to homogeneity, Serie A has a moult and the Catenaccio is more a cliché than a reality today. We notice that there is a real explosion of match with more than 2.5 goals in more than 48% of the meetings. The other big information is that zero matches are more numerous in Serbia has than in the other European championships. An interesting figure for those who want to bet on American football: 49 % of the matches validated the bet: the two teams mark. These bets being often rather well sides, it is a factor not to be overlooked and factually, it shows that the myth of ultra -defensive American football has indeed lived.

An astonishing statistic to say the least, the advantage of the team playing at home. Last season 35% of the teams playing outside were, 22% for a draw, for 43% victory at home. If these statistics are those of last season, they give a clear idea of the specificities of the series A, but as always, a statistic can be applied and is at least annoyed the next season. In any case, they allow not to fall into the trap of the shots that we like to read and reread in sports newspapers.

Bookmaker Series A and Coast

For the rest, these are the usual advice you will find here: phave on football like a pro. For the ratings and monitoring of bookmakers authorized by the Arjel, the series has the same treatment as the other major American championships. Buona Fortuna, arrive!

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