Semi-final forecast of the 2019 Champions League

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The last square in this 2018-2019 Champions League is not devoid of romanticism and there are beautiful stories to tell, without necessarily having to take out the checkbook. There are two surprise teams with Ajax of Amsterdam and the Londoners of Tottenham. On the other side, a giant duel between FC Barcelona and FC Liverpool. Even the draw is well done since in the final, one of the two little ones - compared to the others - will be opposed to one of the big ones. Obviously, Ajax is a legendary club, but in modern football, it is a miracle to see them there with a plume that seems to come from its formidable story. So you should not miss these half -first legs which will be on April 30. First of all because there are real style oppositions and football philosophies that are opposite. The matches are not written in advance and it is difficult to find a favorite. The odds will therefore be interesting and reading the match promises to be exciting. In short, happiness for the professional bettor that is in you and joy for the football fan ..

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The odds: qualification in the final of the Champion's League 2019

  • Tottenham 1,85 Ajax 1,85
  • Barcelona 1,60 Liverpool 2,20

For the first game, the bookmakers do not get wet. It is not illogical. For the second match, the FC Barcelona is largely favorite for qualification. We will see that Reds have serious arguments to be stretched out to thwart the men of Valverde. In addition, the return is to Anfield. This Cote seems disproportionate; So, Should we bet on the qualification for the final? Given the level of the dimensions, if you want to do it, you have to do it now. The teams that will take the advantage will see their ratings fell. For the first game, we will find you better for the matches. For the second, even if the Cote from Barca seems low and by extension that of Liverpool high ... from there to make Liverpool, a qualified. For us, it's too uncertain to risk a room. A part Bet with the heart, you cannot reason on this type of bet on this football match.

bid on TottenhamAjax, half of C1 2018-2019

  • The Pari Simple: Tottenham 2,28 Nul 3,40 Ajax 2,95

The two teams are surprises that I imagine any Berry of the community in sight come at the start of the season. We can still separate the two courses from these teams. Tottenham passed between the drops. Going out Manchester City After a titanic return match, menundefinedofundefinedPochettino went beyond suspense By giving a lesson in realism. Say that Spurs were better than the Citizens, ce would have gone In the sense of the sect of "there is only the victory that matters". The bettors know, or learn quickly, that it is a mistake, a vision of the coffee of trade. Tottenham gets out of two errors from the American central defender and to go on a renunciation of Guardiola. This team is strong, 3rd of first League. She came out of the gaual-awakening hens by finishing 2 nd. We notice that this team lost a home game this season in C1 and it was against the FC Barcelona in hen.

We just try to bring the cows back into the meadow ... the error is to think that Tottenham Go win the C1 because the Londoners have eliminated a favorite. The account. And opposite, theAjax It's not Manchester City. The Dutch have released the Real ET JuventusundefinedofundefinedTurin outside ! The difference is that theAjax has been better, and Without dispute, that these two teams. What is interesting is not to go back to the game. The sports media who defended Didier's game Deschamps Against the defenders of the beautiful game returned their jackets in less than a year. That is. L'Ajax took the broth for 20-25 minutes. Its equalization does not come in a strong period and looks a lot like a blow of fate. Nor should we exaggerate, even if obviously this team corresponds to my vision of football. Be careful, so not to fall into the current trap of media bubbling around theAjax d'Amsterdam. Tottenham may bother his opponent. There will be goals. Roberto Pochettino is the archetype of coaches who seek to break the opponent game. L'Ajax asset the same came out The Juve d'Allegri. For us, Tottenham arrived at its glass ceiling and without Keane, It will be difficult to break it.

Our prognosis on TottenhamAjax : Double chance and the two teams mark Ajax or zero / or for a Cote from 2.35 in Betclic Paris C1

bid on FC Barcelona - Liverpool Champions League 2019

  • Barcelona 1,75 Nul 3,90 Liverpool 4,15

At the camp We,undefinedandundefinedFC Barcelona At 1.75, it's almost a gift. the FC Barcelona, s'is walked as planned against United. Liverpool did the same with the courageous Porto team. What could help us as an element in this match? At the national level the Barca is almost champion and He could even be at the time of the match. Liverpool Play one thousand thousand Dantesque with Manchester City first League. The Barca can therefore run. Á what level, given the intensity of the matches, it is a for the Blaugranas. The style opposition between Valverde and Klopp is interesting. You have to pay attention to caricature. the Barca 2019 is much more pragmatic than its elders and defensively, it is solid. We obviously see the gene Barca In the game, but it is less significant. Klopp is capable of going to seek a result. Here again, do not think to Reds who faced the PSG. The team has progressed in solidity and efficiency.

Our prognosis on BarcelonaLiverpool : bet on 2-3 goals for a Cote from 2.10 at Unibet.

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