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USA - Netherlands and USA - Uruguay Friendly

USA in the ball will have its eyes riveted on the match between USA and the Netherlands. Only a defeat of the Dutch could qualify the Blues. The friendly match against Uruguay will therefore be analyzed according to a qualification or not ... For the rest, the qualified are known: Portugal - England - USA! So we are going to look for good friendly matches to try to continue to make our bankroll fatching who say it with humility is pretty good after 4 months of sports betting!

USA-Netherlands, League of Nations 2018-2019, group 1 day 4

  • The simple bet: USA 1.88 draw 3.75 Netherlands 4.00

We have the right on a very strange side on this match. Favorite USA at home is all logical. On the other hand the Netherlands on a side of 4, it is necessarily a trap. Holland is clearly the best team in this group. USA is, let's say it, average from the start- and I say average so as not to receive tombs of blind supporters- USA is not better, but it is in reconstruction. USA is based on its title of world champion and the question is whether the bases are solid enough to project themselves until Euro 2020. The Dutch people need a draw. The Americans are eliminated and go into the 2nd division by leaving this group last. Will they do an honor to win this match which is a derby or will Low take advantage of this meeting to test? Again, the composition of the American team of USA will have to be scrutinized. On the Netherlands side, confidence comes by eating world champion. And we can say, without being accused of a treason, that the Dutch are mounting a team that will hurt in the years to come. You can copy/paste and we'll see the next World Cup. Koeman has a new generation of talents with one from Jong who could become a very big one ... Enthusiasm is on the Netherlands side, so we will be careful with this bet:

Our USA prognosis - Netherlands : Bet on null or victory of the Netherlands for a rating of 1.80

Betting on friendly matches in November 2018

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Betting on USA - Uruguay, friendly match November 2018

  • Le Par Simple: USA 1,47 NINT 4.00 Uruguay 6,60

You can say that it hung in his eyes. None of his games since the World Cup have been led. So, looking at the results, we can be surprised. As we constantly tell you and in particular on our advice to bet like a pro, nothing beats watching the matches. Again, we do not know if the slap will wake up the Blues or simply make them nonchalant for this match without stake. Uruguay is in the midst of friendly matches. Against the Blues, we can expect more than six changes in the workforce. Didier Deschamps should also take the opportunity to stir his troops after the Dutch blow.

Our prognosis on USA - Uruguay: Bet on zero or a victory of Uruguay for a 2.40 rating at Bwin Sports Paris.

Betting on Tunisia - Morocco, friendly match November 2018

  • The simple bet: Tunisia 2.17 DUL 3.00 Morocco 3.35

For this derby, you can see beautiful dimensions with two teams that never compete in a friendly manner. The stake is still there and we can expect a good meeting for what can be described as shock. Tunisia plays well and its defeat against Spain 1-0 shows that it has qualities despite a difficult series since the World Cup. Morocco surfs its successes and one wonders why the Atlas Lions have such a low rating. Morocco is qualified for the next 2019 African Cup of Nations, as well as the equipped with Tunisia. It is a great meeting, Morocco is in my opinion the favorite, but, it is a friendly and its matches between the two teams are often played.

Our prognosis on Tunisia -Maroc : bet on a draw for udoes not mean 3.00 at Unibet Sport

Bet on Brazil - Cameroon, friendly match November 2018

  • The simple bet: Brazil 1.07 zer 8.25 Cameroon 22.00

For this friendly match, Brazil is the favorite. So why do you advise him for a prognosis? The more interesting ratings can hide with a favorite that serves as a scarecrow. Brazil has quietly imposed itself against Uruguay while Cameroon lost 2-0 against Morocco. The Selecao runs on a cruise rate and we know that the coach Tite, does not turn too much. Cameroon should suffer as he suffers in his qualification group where Morocco makes him miseries. We can expect a match with goals and Brazil's victory is obvious, but the rating becomes risky because it is so weak that you have to play huge to make a real profit. In these cases, there is always this little uncertainty that could see a draw from a playing. And there, it is the disaster. Impossible to bet on the obvious because of a ridiculous dimension. We think there are going to be goals from Brazil therefore:

Our forecasts in Brazil - Cameroon: Betting on a victory from Brazil and a goal from Neymar at Bwin Sport for a dimension of 1.90!

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