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And we continue again and again to make a small kitty with 10 euros ... Some participants in our concept of betting with a bankroll of 20 euros are still alive. After 4 months of football competition across Europe. We come back to our Ligue 1, but we decided after reading your emails, discuss between us that it would be more useful to offer a selection of five L1 games and five European games. Why ? Simply because we realized that there was no point in making predictions on the matches on which we could not see real interests, even if it will displease fans. So here is our selections of the 5 games of this 12th day of Ligue 1 that we have selected for you.

PSG -Lille prognosis, 12th League day 1 2018-2019

  • The simple bet: Paris 1.19 6.75 Lille 13.00

Paris Saint-Germain meets its runner-up and could break the European record for the Victory series at the start of the season. It is certain that when we chase this kind of record, it is not much else to do. It is quite sad for Ligue 1 which shows its weaknesses like OM which still loses at home against a team from PSG Bis. However, we can see in his games that despite the victory, PSG does not have the level to get the C1. And that's good, PSG players will go and get a 12th home victory against Lille surprise. Lille is surprising 2 nd at 8 points and begins to become a pebble in the Olympics shoe which already saw themselves sharing places for the Champions League. Can DOGUES drop the Qatari club into its lair of the Parc des Princes. The proximity of the return match against Napoli, decisive for Tuchel's men, will be taken into account the American coach should run. And the confidence that Tuchel and PSG earn in Ligue 1 seems fragile. Lille will be complete.

Our PSG prognosis - LOSC : The 2 teams score and total number of goals + 2.5 goals for a rating of 1.90 at Betclic Bookmaker.

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Prognosis Lyon-Bordeaux, 12th Ligue Day 1 2018-2019

  • The single bet: Lyon 1.40 4.50 Bordeaux 6.50

Lyon will still annoy us for this bet. Ol is playing a crucial match for his future in C1 against Hoffenheim. At the same time, as the other would say, the L1 is the priority with 5 points of delays on the LOSC which will be in Paris. A priori, a victory this evening against the Girondins de Bordeaux would allow the team to pick up this 2nd place, since the title is played in advance and unfortunately no one is interested in it. We can say that Lyon does not appeal and if the Gones win, it is painful and often the fact of an individual feat. Fekir is missing. The Girondins de Bordeaux are discreetly in ambush, and if their routes in the Europa League is painful, they are not too badly placed, but the last two consecutive defeats are worrying. Lyon is clumsy, Bordeaux is unlucky.

Our OL - Bordeaux prognosis : Bet between 2-3 goals for a 2.00 rating at Bwin Sport

Prognosis Caen-Rennes, 12th day of L1 2018-2019

  • The single bet: Caen 3.40 3.00 2.20 Rennes

So here is an interesting match spotted by our online bettor radar. Without knowing anything at Al Ligue 1, you can really be surprised to see such a big side at home. When we know L1 2018 -2019, we are amazed to see that Rennes is the big favorite of this meeting. The Bretons were defeated in Reims and even if we can see a slight better, it is not Al Victory against Monaco who can reassure. Beaten in C3 by kyiv at home, I understand that they are favorite. This is the kind of bizarre thing that we can see where all bookmakers agree and we don't know why. It would make suspicious. Caen is far from being more fit, but his series of bad results is also due to a difficult calendar with Lille, Marseille and Montpellier on the last 5 days. We will therefore offer you a bet that we rarely offer you because the rating is weak ...

Our Paris on Caen - Rennes: Result of the match (reimbursed if draw) Caen victory for a rating of 2.20 at Unibet Pari Sportif.

Prognosis on Saint-Étienne-Angers, 12th Ligue 1 2018-2019 day

  • The simple bet: Saint-Etienne 2.00 3.20 3.60 Angers

Again, we are rather surprised to see that the Greens are favorites with a rating of 2 at home against a team of Angers which is not an order of war. So let's go get what's going on in the heads of the bookmakers. At home, the Greens are undefeated with 3 wins and two draws. Is it the two consecutive draws of the Greens who suggest that they cannot win against Angers? Angers remains on 4 games without victory and despite honorable performances against Lyon and a draw at home against Strasbourg.

Our Paris on Saint-Etienne-Angers: Bet on the victory of the Greens for Uencote of 2.00 at Betclic

Prognosis Montpellier - OM 12th day of L1 2018-2019

  • The simple bet: Montpellier 2.85 3.20 Marseille 2.45

Here is a meeting where the simple bet is very difficult to predict. Montpellier plays the leading roles this season. OM is in the bath and fights for the 2019-2020 Champions League with a team which we do not really know what it can produce or not. Still beaten against PSG, OM has however shown that it deserved better. We will not talk about the arbitration of the meeting, always surprising between its two teams. But are we going to have OM of this PSG there or that of C3 against Lazio? Montpellier is regular with a cruise rate that places him on the L1 podium. And there, if OM loses this match, he would see Montpellier six points ahead of him. This match is decisive, do not be mistaken.

Pronostic Montpellier – OM : The 2 teams score and total number of goals +2.5 goals for a dimension of 2.10.

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